The New IT SuperPower: ExtremeCloud IQ Mobile Companion


An infinitely distributed world means that you can work from anywhere. But what does this mean if you are in IT? Enterprise IT professionals are the modern equivalent of tech superheroes who use their superpower skills to manage enterprise networks remotely. But every superhero needs a sidekick for successful conquests. That sidekick is ExtremeCloud IQ Companion, a smartphone application that enhances your cloud management superpowers.

Here are seven noteworthy things that you can achieve today with ExtremeCloud IQ Companion:

Mobile Companion App

Onboard your devices

By simply scanning the QR code available on any switch or access point, you can instantly onboard your Extreme devices.

Change your persona

Did you know Extreme switches and APs are Universal which means you can change the persona by simply updating the software? Imagine, if you deployed EXOS software on your switch and now want to transition to VOSS or vice-versa, you can achieve this with a couple of clicks on your Companion mobile app. Similarly, with the Universal Access Points, users can transition their operating system (OS) persona quickly. 

Upload installation photos and videos

Companion allows you to upload photos or videos of the device installation inside the cloud management platform. You and the other IT pros can refer to the device being deployed and match the location. Access point selfies are now a thing!

Monitor the network topology

A simple yet powerful way to keep your pulse on the network and maintain awareness whenever the network topology changes. A great starting point for troubleshooting network issues or just checking out the design.

Troubleshoot the network

Access the details about your network in near-real-time. You have access to a variety of useful tools from Companion, including a ping tool, the ability to flash an access point LED, and everybody’s favorite VLAN Probe. Your superhero sidekick can also perform command-line troubleshooting via the Device CLI tool.

Access CoPilot anomalies

CoPilot determines what is the baseline for each environment and then flags the anomalies. There are a variety of wired and wireless anomalies that CoPilot detects, and this list keeps growing.

Get help as needed

Whether you are looking for a TikTok-sized video or a knowledge-based article, you can learn more about the anomalies from the palm of your hand.

Is that it? Not really, this is just the beginning of this IT superhero saga. Our product team, Yarnin Israel, Lagamanna Bawoor, Donna Raymond, and many more are already working on the next release which will unleash further innovations.

So, join us in this adventure and download your ExtremeCloud IQ Companion mobile app today on IOS and Android devices.

This blog was originally authored by Jeevan Patil, Senior Director, Product Management

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