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Extreme Connect is right around the corner, and this year, we are excited to announce pre-conference training options run by industry experts that will offer informational sessions, hands-on training, and certification exams so you can walk away with new knowledge and skills that can be used to grow your career and enhance your organization.

Each training session starts with a virtual class that can be completed prior to your arrival at Extreme Connect. These will be live virtual classes. However, if you cannot make the live version there will be an on-demand session. Once you have completed the virtual aspect of the training, you will be able to attend the in-person lab in Nashville. During the in-person lab, you will get hands-on training from your instructor, and certification will be given at the conclusion of the courses.

There are 9 different certification courses to pick from, all covering different products and information that can help you expand your technical knowledge. Below are short descriptions of course options available at the pre-conference training event.

SLX – Data Center Switching

This course will provide in-depth information about the Extreme SLX product family and how they can be used within an enterprise network. This course will cover the configurations, operations, and maintenance strategies for Extreme SLX products, along with IP Fabric configuration and implementation strategies.

Managing Wireless Networks Locally

This course will give you the necessary skills and information to deploy ExtremeCloud IQ Controller by teaching the process from beginning to end with all of the essential steps and tips that can make deploying the product as simple as possible. This course will be in a mixed format, with some parts being lectures and others involving working hands-on to gain experience with ExtremeCloud IQ Controllers or relevant access points.

Network Access Control using ExtremeCloud A3

In this training, you will learn about Extreme’s Secure Access Management Solution and the essentials for the deployment process, along with the necessary knowledge and skills to configure and maintain the system. There will be hands-on components of this course to ensure that you are well-equipped to manage this system within your own organization.

Managing Networks Using ExtremeCloud IQ

This course is for Extreme Networks customers and partners who want both theoretical and practical hands-on training to gain a better understanding of the Extreme Networks Cloud Wi-Fi technologies offered. Instructors will also teach how to manage ExtremeWireless Cloud from within the ExtremeCloud IQ management platform, the onboarding and management of switches, using Co-Pilot, and other essentials to build a strong understanding of the capabilities and management abilities of the products.

Configure and Manage Secure Networks using Extreme Fabric

Learn how to deploy, manage, and configure networks using Extreme Fabric. You will be shown the aspects of administering and maintaining your fabric network, the onboarding process, and how to configure additional switches.

Network Access Control using Extreme Access Control

This course will provide you with the methods you need to properly configure and manage your Extreme Networks Access Control solution through the different network management software applications such as Extreme Management Center, Policy, and Extreme Access Control. Information will be given in the form of a lecture and then reinforced through hands-on experience in the lab.

Configure and Manage Networks using ExtremeXOS Switches

Learn how to configure, deploy, manage, and troubleshoot your Extreme Networks switching and routing environments with our ExtremeXOS CLI operating systems. We will cover the administration and tasks to maintain this network, along with the onboarding and configuration process to add additional switches. We will investigate the fundamental uses of native CLI and give tips for managing your fabric networks using ExtremeCloud IQ and other third-party management platforms through hands-on experience.

Managing Networks with ExtremeCloud IQ – Site Engine

This course will introduce you to Network Management and Visibility using the Extreme Networks Management tool, ExtremeCloud IQ – Site Engine (XIQ – SE), to manage network devices. You will be given information in a lecture format and then presented with the opportunity to use the product hands-on in a lab environment.

Advanced Network Management using Extreme’s Management Solutions

In this course, you will learn the advanced capabilities of ExtremeCloud IQ (XIQ) and ExtremeCloud IQ – Site Engine (XIQ – SE). We will walk you through the onboarding process and show the management tools used for both wireless and wired devices, along with how XIQ-SE can be used to manage legacy equipment.

To learn more about the courses offered at pre-conference training and how to register, visit the Extreme Connect Webpage.

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