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Innovation is in our Fabric.

The digital business is here and networking is fundamental to its success!

The modern enterprise demands agility, scalable and resilient connectivity, and inherent network security – but without the complexity of traditional networking.  Fabric Connect (based on enhanced Shortest Path Bridging/ IEEE 802.1 aq) represents a new way to design, build and operate networks.  One that delivers simplicity and agility while at the same time improving security and stability.

Traditional Networking

Extreme Fabric Connect

Why Evolve to Extreme Fabric Connect

Do More. Faster.

Fabric Connect creates an agile, flexible virtualized network that facilitates the deployment of the digital technology your organization needs. Deploy applications 31x faster due to the ability to automate many of today’s manual network processes.

Improve Security

Extreme Fabric Connect enhances network security by eliminating back-door entry points, preventing lateral movements and isolating potentially insecure IoT devices.

Increase Stability

Fabric Connect streamlines and simplifies the network – significantly reducing the number of protocols as well as the number of touch points. The result is a stable, resilient network

Secure? Are You Sure? Practical Tips for Securing Your Network

Organizations must identify methods of automating the increasingly tedious task of securely onboarding thousands of devices, servers, users and applications to the network while ensuring safe transport of data, protection of customer data and compliance to regulations

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Demystifying Fabric Networking

Watch the on-demand webinar, Demystifying Fabric Networking. You’ll hear from Paul Unbehagen, Extreme’s Senior Director of Product and Strategy, as he discusses fabrics in-depth and shares more details about Fabric Connect specifically.

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