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ExtremeControl lets you manage secure and automated access for both, BYOD and IoT devices from one convenient dashboard. It makes it easy to roll out granular policies across your wired and wireless networks to meet industry and company compliance obligations. Identity based network access control keeps unauthorized people and devices from accessing your network.

Our network access control solution is integrated with major enterprise platforms including solutions for network security, enterprise mobility management, analytics, federated directories, cloud, and datacenter. In addition, it offers an open northbound API for customized integrations to key enterprise platforms.

ExtremeControl is a stand-alone product that is part of our Extreme Management Center which gives you actionable insights, visibility and control in one single pane of glass. Moreover, ExtremeControl capabilities are further enhanced in convergence with Identity Engines.


  • Single pane of glass to configure and monitor end systems, profilers, security posture, guest access
  • Secure and automated network attachment of IoT devices and provide full visibility into what’s connected to your network
  • Threat mitigation and containment workflow based on alerts received from next generation security solutions
  • Out-of-the-box integration with third party security platform including MDM, posture, next generation firewall, SIEM, IDS/IPS and security gateway
  • Customized integration using an open northbound API into major enterprise IT platforms for an automated network infrastructure
  • Guest registration via user’s existing Google, Yahoo, MS or Salesforce accounts
  • Third Party Policy support – user-based ACLs


  • Unifies the security of your wired and wireless networks with in-depth visibility and context-based control over users and endpoint devices for BYOD and IoT devices
  • Secure onboarding for BYOD or guest policies is made easy and auditable with our self-service portal that offers texting and social login based identity.
  • Granular policy controls enable you to comply to company policies and regulatory compliance obligations of your critical business operations.
  • Let’s you locate, authenticate and authorize targeted access policies to users and devices as they connect to the network for secure BYOD, guest access and IoT
  • Integration with IT infrastructure such as Active Directory, LDAP and firewall
  • Enhanced capabilities in convergence with Identity Engines

ExtremeControl is part of the Extreme Management Center.
For specification see the ExtremeControl Data Sheet.