Granular Policy Control and In-depth End-point Visibility

Control users and devices across your networks with granular visibility and in-depth control.

  • Single pane of glass
  • Context-based control
  • Secure onboarding

Enable Secure Guests Access and BYOD

Automates access control for secure and easy BYOD with extensive customization, branding, and sponsor-based approvals.

Secure IoT devices

Enables secure IoT access with real-time policies based on the security posture of IoT devices.

Reduce Security Vulnerabilities

Enhances security with agent-based and agentless assessment option.

Traditional NAC

  • Several tools for wired and wireless
  • Cumbersome onboarding
  • Limited profiling
  • Simple policies
  • Rudimentary IoT management


  • Single pane of glass for wired and wireless
  • Secure, simple onboarding
  • Detailed profiling with access and app analytics data
  • Context-based policies
  • Policies based on security posture of IoT devices

ExtremeControl Technical Specifications