Make Your Network the MVP of Your Growing Business

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Everyone loves an underdog. It’s in our nature to root for them. Everyone loves to hear about all of the hard work behind their success. They’re not the biggest; they don’t have the deepest pockets, and they don’t always have access to the best resources –but they have outstanding perseverance and always give it their all.

Today, we all know what Tom Brady and the New England Patriots accomplished in their 20 seasons together. By the end of their incredible Super Bowl dynasty, there were probably more haters than fans. But, what anyone but the avid sports fan forgets is that Brady was a 6th-round draft pick in 2000. He was a relatively unknown player and was never expected to be a major star in the league.

How did they do it? Aside from Brady and a few others over the years, they didn’t have a roster full of big-name talent like many other teams and they didn’t spend frivolously. They were exceptional at recognizing needs and finding the best solutions to address those needs to support outstanding leadership. It’s hard to argue with the formula.

Growing Businesses are Underdogs

Today, growing businesses are in a similar situation. They are the underdogs. They don’t have massive budgets or unlimited resources, and they don’t have well-established global brands. They do have the desire to succeed like their larger competitors, and they have the same valuable resource that drives their entire operational capability in a digital world – their network. Look at the network as their quarterback if you will.

The network is a crucial element that touches every process in a business’s playbook. It drives their operations, workflows, internal communications, customer interactions – everything they do daily. Employees, regardless of where they work, access the network for applications, information, and services – all of which are more bandwidth intensive than ever, making network resiliency and availability a critical piece of the success formula.

At the same time, a growing business continues to worry about their future in uncertain times. Many still feel the effects of the global pandemic and supply chain interruptions, rising inflation, talent shortages, cybersecurity needs, environmental issues, and other factors that impact their bottom line.

The MVP Your Growing Business Needs

What they need is a strong quarterback – a network infrastructure – around which they can build and future-proof their business. They need the right technology to make networking easy, efficient, and reliable to enable their workforces to perform their roles. They need their Tom Brady to be their foundation for success.

The key is the networking solution for growing business must have certain qualities and follow three specific fundamentals to support successful implementations and long-term strategic vision. The need for a networking solution for growing businesses must be:

  • Easy to use –Solutions that are easy to deploy and manage, and can be easily expanded as their needs evolve, while ensuring a high ROI. Also simple, yet practical tools to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot their networks.
  • Efficiency drivers – The network is the doorway to all things digital in a business environment. Businesses need a network that will enhance their productivity and make it easier for them to do their jobs without navigating complex IT environments.
  • Reliable – Network outages can mean lost opportunities. A business needs their networks to support their disruptive spirit, not hinder it with poor performance. They need a network solution that allows teams to function, without having to worry about troubleshooting technical problems constantly.

Extreme Network Foundations Can Help Your Growing Business

The need is simple. The solution should be too. That is what Extreme Networks delivers with its Network Foundations solution – an affordable, bundled, managed networking solution specifically addressing the needs of growing businesses.

With Universal Switches, Wi-Fi 6 access points, and ExtremeCloud IQ advanced network management tools, Network Foundations deliver a uniquely powerful, yet simple, cloud-managed networking solution that allows a business to have the same networking capabilities as larger enterprises without complications.

Growing businesses enjoy all the benefits of a next-generation network that can be deployed quickly and can scale easily as they grow. IT teams enjoy the management tools needed to deliver insight into network activity, automation, and analytics tools to simplify management and troubleshooting. Give your IT teams hassle-free network management, while the entire business gains the benefit of a reliable, effortless network experience.

It’s a win-win for everyone when you turn your growing business network into your quarterback. While there may never be another Tom Brady in the NFL, every business can draft the next all-star networking solution to support its business needs into the future. It’s the smartest decision you’ll make.

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