Is Network Management Part of Your Community's Cloud Migration Strategy?

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Governments across the nation have made the shift to the cloud to better support their new hybrid work environment, provide digital government services, and overall find new ways to create the ultimate community for their citizens.

Most states, counties, and municipalities have developed or are in the process of developing their Cloud Migration strategies that will enable them to guide their transition to the cloud. By doing so, they are creating a plan to help them find the fastest and most cost-effective route to the cloud with minimal disruptions to operations.

Transitioning your government offices to the cloud will also enable you and your staff to determine what application workloads need to stay on-premises, what should be replaced or reworked, and what should be discontinued. No two cloud migration strategies are built the same, so being adaptable and understanding your community’s individual needs is crucial.

What are the Benefits of a Cloud-Based Network Management System?

As you go on with your community’s digital transformation, a cloud-based network management tool can provide a simple to manage, flexible, and secure way for you to reach your optimal business outcome.

Here are just a few of the benefits of migrating to the cloud:

1. Manage Your Network from Anywhere

With a network management system that sits in the cloud, your IT staff can manage the way that your network runs from anywhere. This creates a culture of workplace flexibility that empowers your staff to increase productivity and efficiency while keeping operations running smoothly and securely.

2. Gain Better Visibility into Your Network

The cloud gives you 360-degree visibility into your network so you can always see what is happening, allowing you to reduce threat detection time and proactively mitigate risks and limit network interruptions.

3. Use Automation and AI/ML

Automation through the help of AI/ML can help your IT staff simplify their workload so they can focus on more important matters instead of constantly doing repetitive and tedious tasks that take up much of their day, limiting the time they are able to spend protecting your network from outside threats or other conflicts.

4. Reach Your Business Outcomes

With decreased risk and network downtime, automation, and the ability to work from anywhere, you will be able to reach your desired business outcomes through increased productivity within your workforce.

The time to invest in the cloud is now.

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