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Creating a Risk Management Plan that Suits Your Community’s Needs

Cammy Perry Content Marketing Specialist Published 19 May 2022

Cyberthreats are becoming more prevalent than ever before.

Ransomware is on the rise and attacks against the US skyrocketed to 185% in the first half of 2021 alone. Cyberattacks have caused issues in a variety of state and local governments already, from the New Hampshire town that lost $2.3 million to an email fraud incident to a breach in the state of Florida that exposed 60,000 unemployment applicants’ personal information. State and local governments have a target on their back.

Local governments are made up of a series of different public offices and provide a variety of services to their citizens. In order to ensure the safety of all of private information and the community as a whole, having a strong risk management plan in place is critical.

Outdated technology might be preventing you from protecting your community. When dated technology is still being used in government offices, it is often near impossible to support new cybersecurity initiatives. Modern infrastructure is necessary to support the cybersecurity demands of the world today.

A modern network is the first step. Modern networks have inherent security and are the foundation of so many cybersecurity strategies because they provide the groundwork that cybersecurity applications can perform with to create an optimal strategy for mitigating risks.

Another key to better cybersecurity: the cloud. Cloud management systems have also become a centerpiece of many state and local government risk management plans, as they provide a range of benefits that enable IT staff to be more proactive with their risk mitigation.

The need for a robust and thorough risk management strategy for your community is more important than ever before. You need a network that will enable you to increase your threat detection capabilities and enhance your visibility into your network t ensure the safety of your citizens and information.

The time for creating a stronger risk management strategy is now, and it starts with a modern network.

Learn more about how to start your smart community journey with our “Reimagine Your Community” infographic highlighting the 4 pillars of a modern community.

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