Inflection Points Podcast - Season 3, Episode 5: What are Digital Twins and Why Do They Matter?


We're excited to present the fifth episode of season three of the Inflection Points podcast, sponsored by the Office of the CTO at Extreme Networks!

Join the dialogue with our podcast hosts, Allie Irvin (Global Lead for Customer Success) and Brendan Bonner (Innovation Lead for the Office of the CTO). With Allie and Brendan at the helm this season, we're infusing new vigor into cutting-edge tech discussions including AR/VR, the Intelligent Enterprise Edge, AI/ML, the dawn of 6G and Wi-Fi 7, and the considerable promise of Digital Twins.

In the fifth installment of this season, our hosts welcome Amy Cameron, Research Director at STL Partners. Amy's role involves strategic collaborations with top-tier telecom operators and tech companies around the globe to identify growth opportunities and craft innovative strategies. This has led her to cultivate a specialized interest in the domain of digital twin technology.

They delve into the ongoing shift towards 5G, the possible features and advancements of 6G are beginning to take shape. Imagine a universe of the 'Internet of Senses,' where every individual could own as many as 50 interconnected devices, and where the physical and digital worlds are indistinguishable. Join us as we uncover what the future of wireless connectivity via 6G might look like.

Our hosts engage with Amy to explore real-world use cases such as Vodafone's geographical twins which model seasonal plant growth to aid in building their 5G telecom network. They delve deeper into the wide-ranging abilities of digital twins, discussing how they facilitate the simulation of customer behavior, enable the creation of traffic management strategies in smart cities, and the growth of enterprise networks.

Host - Allie Irvin, Guest – Amy Cameron, Host - Brendan Bonner

Host - Allie Irvin, Guest – Amy Cameron, Host - Brendan Bonner

Paraphrasing Amy on the topic of Digital Twins: “What differentiates a digital twin from a typical AI model is that a digital twin serves as a real-time representation of a physical asset, such as a piece of manufacturing equipment. The digital twin is uniquely linked to that specific asset, facilitating a two-way interaction between the digital twin and its physical counterpart. Moreover, a digital twin delivers a historical perspective.”

So please join us for an electrifying journey in season three of the Inflection Points podcast! Each episode will feature esteemed guests from a variety of fields, providing well-rounded perspectives and profound insights. Inflection Points is also adopting a videocast format to reach a broader audience. Now, you can savor the podcast on your daily commute or delve into the videocast from your cozy abode. To watch the full videocast of episode five, click here:

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