What is Digital Twin for Networking?


What is Digital Twin?

When you create a digital twin of your network, you are essentially creating a virtual sandbox environment where you can test different device configurations before deploying them to prevent network disruptions or downtime.

Digital twin is not a new concept, they have been used in manufacturing, supply chains, and even google maps can be thought of as a digital twin of the Earth’s surface; however, it is new for networking.

Extreme’s Chief Technology and Product Officer, Nabil Bukhari, announced the first network digital twin at Extreme Connect 2022 while he was on stage sharing the company’s technology vision.

Watch this clip of Nabil to learn more about what digital twin technology is and how it will help your IT team become more efficient in deploying new devices.

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How Can Digital Twin Technology Help Your IT Team?

Deploying a new device can be time consuming and has the potential to cause problems within your network that impact business operations. Instead of spending weeks staging devices in a lab, or performing a risky test by rolling it out in a production environment, digital twin technology for your network is here to help you take some of the guess work out of deploying new devices.

See Endless Possibilities

When you create a digital twin of your network, you are able to test a variety of different scenarios that could happen while you deploy a new device. This will help you to create a plan for deployment and make modifications based on what you see.

Reduce Risk of Network Downtime

Now that you have gained visibility into what could go wrong in the digital twin version of your network, you can now reduce the risk of network downtime costing your business time and productivity. You were able to see what might go wrong, figure out the best plan, and understand how to mitigate potential issues before they ever have the chance to impact your actual network.

Deploy Seamlessly

Now that you have your plan and have modified any configurations that might modify your network performance, you are ready to deploy. The digital twin of your network has prepared you to integrate your new device seamlessly and with minimal disruption!

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