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Time Waits for No One

David van Schravendijk Director of Product Marketing Published 21 Sep 2022

Setting up and managing an Extreme cloud-managed network is easy. What is not easy for many IT Operations teams is dealing with all the other time-consuming tasks on their plate during an era of increasing network transformation. Their long to-do list might include employee onboarding, modifying their network for hybrid work, patch management, and responding to trouble tickets, among a long list of other tasks. The pace and scale of network change is only accelerating as organizations transform into Infinite Enterprises. Sometimes, IT teams feel that they need to be everywhere at once.

Enter CoPilot

We are pleased to announce that ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot has been successfully rolled out to customer networks this week and is now available for purchase. Leveraging large cloud data sets and Explainable Machine Learning, CoPilot enables IT teams to be everywhere, see everything, and prepare for anything.

  • Anomaly detection – Proactively eliminate troubleshooting challenges before they occur by monitoring machine-learned performance thresholds of Extreme cloud-managed wired and wireless devices.
  • Digital Twin – Ensure minimal network disruption prior to deployment by creating a simulated version of your Extreme device, staging it, and validating it in the cloud.
  • Explainable ML – Drastically reduce Mean Time to Resolution for IT Operations teams with handheld troubleshooting recommendations.
  • Client Experience – Optimize user experiences by modeling all important steps in client connectivity and performing faster root cause analysis of degraded client experience.
  • GTAC Case Creation – Streamline IT Operations workflows by efficiently engaging with Extreme support directly for pesky issues.
  • Mobile App Integration – See everything immediately by monitoring CoPilot anomalies directly on your mobile phone via the ExtremeCloud IQ Companion mobile app.

Best of all, since CoPilot is built and designed in the cloud, its capabilities will be extended over time to continually advance the efficiency of IT Operations.

Assisting Network Teams

While the potential use cases for CoPilot are numerous, we are excited to see the problems it has been able to solve for our customers.

The Challenge

An Extreme Higher Education customer network was recently experiencing inconsistent wireless experience within their auditorium. IT staff were initially finding it challenging to replicate and troubleshoot issues. Would they have to go on-site to perform RF environmental measurements? Would they have to wait a few weeks for the issue to reoccur?

Troubleshooting With a CoPilot

Using CoPilot, the IT team noticed it detected a Wi-Fi Capacity anomaly, which was triggered by >80% channel utilization with re-occurring spikes over a consistent length of time. CoPilot identified a high client count and was able to explain that the issues were likely due to Wi-Fi capacity limitations, which could either be fixed by adding more APs or re-positioning APs for better signal-to-noise ratio. By proactively becoming aware of the issue, IT was able to identify the problematic APs, reposition them, improve the signal-to-noise ratio and increase end user performance, ultimately leading to a more seamless learning experience and avoiding costly on-site troubleshooting.

CoPilot Troubleshooting Gif

Transforming Into an Infinite Enterprise

CoPilot plays a key role in simplifying the work of IT staff by providing a complete and unified portfolio of products and services for their Infinite Enterprise journey. ExtremeCloud IQ helps to provide unified AIOps across Wired, Wireless, and SD-WAN, and CoPilot is the ideal addition to any ExtremeCloud IQ deployment to efficiently deliver Explainable ML insights to Extreme cloud-native wired and wireless devices.

One Cloud One Network Messaging

As organizations increasingly leverage big data and the cloud, it’s important that data be anonymized, secured, and that any AIOps platform is built on a secure foundation. As the industry’s most comprehensively certified cloud network management platform, IT teams can feel confident when leveraging the cloud to improve network operations efficiency.

Watch our webinar where we cover how CoPilot can help IT teams be everywhere at once to ensure optimal user experiences: On-Demand Webinar

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