Office of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Mission Statement

The Office of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) strives to recognize future inflection points in order to respond to opportunities and mitigate risks. We are a team of accessible experts dedicated to anticipating and preparing for key shifts in society and technology. Our mission is to provide expert insights and guidance while staying attuned to emerging trends and challenges. We listen to our customers and partners to help them navigate and succeed in a rapidly-evolving world. 

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Kickstart Program

Are you passionate about driving culture change and innovation? Do you have innovative ideas? If so, the Kickstart Program is here to help you turn your ideas into reality. You can connect with one of the Office of the CTO experts and begin the process of collaborating to transform businesses for the better good of society. Join Extreme Networks in tackling the problems of today and tomorrow.

Participate in the Kickstart program by reaching out to us at

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OCTO Members

A multi-disciplinary team committed to developing and commercializing technologies that can be disruptive in the industry. 

Nabil, atop the CTO office, guides Extreme's product vision, strategy, and execution. He is a global tech authority championing tech democratization.

Read Latest Blogs Nabil Bukari - CTO

Global OCTO leader, driving market expansion and incubation initiatives. Guides portfolio direction, leveraging EMEA market trends and customer needs.

Focused on tech evangelism, David is known globally for Wi-Fi expertise. Prolific author, public speaker, and 2020 Wi-Fi Lifetime Achievement awardee.

With a Ph.D. in fundamental physics, Carolina boasts 22+ years in tech. She’s a distinguished AI leader who crafts AI policies and builds ML systems.

For 20+ years, Kashif has been a digital transformation leader. He drives strategic initiatives to harness new tech and strengthen competitiveness.

Read Latest Blogs Kashif Siddiqui

Veteran technologist exceling in sales, product development & marketing. Justin focuses on market share expansion and partnerships in the APAC region.

Brendan is a 25yr telecom vet shaping 2G-5G, cloud and biz transformation. Ex-Irish govt tech chief, AI/Quantum consultant, Blockchain Ireland chair.

With 15+ years' experience in solutions architecture, consulting and R&D, Kurt turns customer needs into quick prototypes and compelling initiatives.

15-year expert in solutions architecture, consulting and R&D. Daniel leads new route to market development & creation of an Open Innovation framework.

With 20+ years' experience in technology innovation and R&D, Vatche drives business expansion, team building, and digital product launches.

Inflection Points:
A Podcast from the Office of the CTO

Join Extreme’s Allie Irvin, Head of Customer Success and Brendan Bonner, Innovation Lead at the Office of the CTO, as they host season three’s experts from within and outside of Extreme Networks in an ongoing discussion about the future of networks and their impact on society.

Allie and Brendan explore the idea of the Infinite Enterprise, a dynamic concept developed by Nabil Bukhari, Chief Technology Officer, that explains how networks and society will evolve from today to the future.

We hope you continue to enjoy Inflection Points.