Future of Live Sports Panel: How Accelerated Digital Transformation is Changing the Game

Like nearly all industries today, incited by the recent events surrounding COVID-19 live sports and their venues are experiencing new and elevated business demands. These demands are driving unprecedented technology and digital acceleration to meet the acute need of assuring the health and safety of fans, teams, and staff. However, the impact of today’s technology investments transcends immediate needs and will undoubtedly shape the live sports experience for many years to come.

As part of our virtual user conference, Extreme Connect 2020, we explored this dynamic with a panel of industry thought-leaders to hear their unique perspectives on the sports landscape today. This panel included:

  • Steve Inman: VP of Technology, Chicago Cubs
  • John Martin: VP of Media and Event Technology, NASCAR
  • John Brams: Sr. Director of Sports & Public Venues, Hospitality, and Retail, Extreme Networks

Between technology requirements, digital use cases, and emerging trends, this 30-minute session breaks down how digital transformation is addressing short-term challenges and shaping long-term strategies for live sports. Check it out!

The Future of Live Sports: How Accelerated Digital Transformation is Changing the Game

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