University of Pittsburgh Builds a Connected and Engaging Digital Experience

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University of Pittsburgh is a state-related research university located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Also referred to as ‘PITT,’ University of Pittsburgh’s athletics program is part of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) in NCAA Division I, the highest level of competitive collegiate athletics in the US.



  • IT network solution to meet short-term critical in-venue needs and go-forward vision
  • Robust, secure connectivity for venue guests and internal users, devices, and systems
  • Intuitive, flexible captive portal solution and authentication engine
  • Engaging and personalized mobile experience for in-venue guests
  • Integration with strategic business platforms and tools
  • Better understand in-venue guests and their preferences for targeted remarketing efforts
"Our goal is to provide a mobile user, with highquality, digital tools in the venue, especially given our new normal for fan expectations…a touchless, cashless and contactless experiences. We are going to deliver on that and the Pete, our fans and our basketball program will all see the benefits." 
Christian Spears
Deputy Athletic Director, PITT Athletics

Extreme Solutions

  • ExtremeWireless™
  • ExtremeSwitching™
  • Extreme Management Center™



  • Purpose-built IT network solution to support critical business needs and enable future deliverables
  • Seamless, secure, strong Wi-Fi for in-venue guests and their devices
  • Centralized wired and wireless network management and visibility
  • Comprehensive and adaptable captive portal solution and data validation engine
  • Content delivery tool to send personalized mobile offerings and updates to connected guests
  • Integration with backend systems to inform and enable strategic digital marketing campaigns