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Why You Should Care About Extreme Network’s Cloud Durability, Availability, and Security

Alexandra Gates Director, Product Marketing Published 17 Feb 2021

The modern enterprise demands agility, data durability, security, and 24/7 availability. The emergence and maturation of cloud-driven networking have been a key enabler of agile enterprises and organizations worldwide. Extreme Networks employs industry-leading practices and technologies to ensure our cloud networking infrastructure meets the highest level of information system requirements, data protection, management, and compliance. Here’s why that matters:

Data Security

Extreme Networks takes threats to the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of our clients’ information seriously. We are the first major cloud-networking vendor to attain ISO/IEC 27001 certification for its Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) with ExtremeCloud IQ, in addition to international compliance/data privacy compliance. This certification sits on top of the standard cloud security procedures put in place by the major cloud infrastructure vendors in the market: Google, AWS, Microsoft, etc. These include business continuity and disaster recovery processes, comprehensive controls, and facility monitoring. Extreme takes additional measures to secure cloud-based applications with geographically distributed data centers, including firewalling, continuous threat monitoring, DDOS prevention, daily backup, penetration testing, DevOps activity audits, and much more. Our data security has been proven in the most risk-sensitive environments, which guarantees IT staff can spend less time focusing on security and more time for other business issues and needs. Our automatic compliance validation minimizes any time-consuming, manual compliance work, and the visibility of all applications, users, and devices enables IT to efficiently monitor the entire network. The extra steps we take to ensure customer data security means more peace of mind for network administrators, reduced risk, and enhanced customer experience.

Data Durability

When it comes to durability, it’s about the health and resiliency of your data. Data loss and data corruption can happen in any number of ways—this can lead to negative user experience, missed business goals, and ultimately decreased ROI and performance. Extreme goes to great lengths to maintain data durability. We capture and securely store daily backups of customer configuration data and uploaded files. Our dedicated DevOps team performs complete system monitoring for our Cloud Services platform, including monitoring service levels, production capacity, usage, and trends. Performance snapshots are taken of running systems and will raise alarms if thresholds for the respective performance metrics are exceeded. This means that you will be able to access your data when you need it— to make networking and business decisions, and support your users.

Data Availability

Great – we’ve stored your data safely and securely. And now you need to know you can access it…anytime. Our software-defined, out-of-band management approach separates operational tasks (provisioning, reporting, monitoring, etc.) from client data.  Real-time functions, including client data forwarding, firewall enforcement, and authentication, are handled directly by Extreme Networks access points, switches, and routers at the edge of the network with no dependence on network management or cloud accessibility. By decoupling management, data, and control planes, access networks receive increased efficiency, scale, and resiliency when compared to legacy systems that depend on network controllers. This means a NO NINES uptime (100% uptime excluding scheduled maintenance windows); connectivity does not impact network operations servicing end-users, and it ensures the most up-to-date technology to keep the network running as efficiently as it can. But it’s just not about current data – access to historical data can generate incredible insight, and we understand this as well. Our ExtremeCloud IQ solution offers the industry’s first unlimited data plan, which provides our customers access to their entire historical data sets throughout their service agreement. 

Ultimately, harnessing data leads to more informed decision-making, optimized operations, and enhanced customer experiences. As the first major cloud-managed networking vendor recognized by the global standard for commitment to data security, we understand how maintaining, securing, and ensuring accessibility to your data is a tremendous part of your success in the enterprise.

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