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The Latest Smart City Trends

Cammy Perry Content Marketing Specialist Published 5 Dec 2022

Smart cities are no longer a vision of the future. They are here, and they are improving the lives of citizens across the globe. Following the global pandemic, governments had to accelerate their digital transformation efforts. Additionally, smart city initiatives have also been accelerated as governments strive to improve the quality of life for citizens.

The Top 5 Trends

Throughout the development of smart cities, there have been a lot of different trends that have gained traction. Communities across the globe are all at different stages in their journey, but some of those trends have stuck over the last few years.

1. Data-Driven Decision Making

There is no question that decisions that are made based on historical and real-time data are preferred. With the right network, your IT team can gain valuable insights into how your city and government offices are run.

2. Major Improvements Across the City

Going hand-in-hand with the data you got from your network, you can now begin to identify problems within your community and address them based on the information you have gathered. Some cities have been able to use device data to improve traffic patterns, better understand citizen needs, and address other challenges through the community.

3. Cloud is a Necessity

Smart cities have realized the importance of having a sound cloud migration strategy. When your network management is in the cloud, you can gain more visibility, utilize various tools to help alleviate stress from your IT team, manage your network from anywhere, and reach your desired business outcomes.

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4. Use of ML/AI to Free Up IT Teams

When you implement ML/AI technology to help your IT team manage your network, you enable your IT team to work more efficiently through automation, equip them to handle threats to network performance proactively, and provide them with explainable ML that can help them reduce time spent troubleshooting.

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5. Increased Attention to Digital Services

According to the 2022 State CIO Survey run by NASCIO, the number one focus for state CIOs is increased attention on digital government services and enhancing the citizen experience. The best-run cities embrace change and take every chance possible to upgrade technology to ensure their city can run seamlessly, efficiently, and securely.

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