City of Troy Reliably Connects Employees, Citizens, Buildings, Devices, and Cameras

Published 4 Apr 2017

City of Troy had a variety of vendor hardware on their network and the IT team found it difficult to troubleshoot their various switches. Since Extreme Switches always worked well for the City of Troy, when the opportunity presented itself they made the change and standardized their network with ExtremeSwitching, ExtremeManagement Center, and ExtremeXOS Network Operating System. Now the City’s employees, citizens, buildings, devices, and cameras are reliably connected and thousands of devices enter the network daily.

Technology Needs
  • Reliable, secure, and fast wired infrastructure
  • Network redundancy
  • Simple network management
  • Mobility

Benefits of the new network solution include:

  • Lower costs with standardization and simplified network management
  • Increased redundancy, power, and reliability
  • Allows employees to work more efficiently because network downtime is a non-issue

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