WAN Edge Solutions

Connects distributed locations to other sites as well as cloud-based applications, data, and services

What is the WAN Edge?

An intelligent WAN edge gives you flexible and automated way to streamline connections to branches and provide direct access to main cloud providers. How will you shape your WAN edge? What does your enterprise network need to grow? Let’s take a closer look at what edge technology can do for you.

Put the Power Back in Your Hands with SD-WAN

The reality is, the network connections you have to secure are continuing to increase, the number of applications you have to support are continuing to grow, and the different devices that access your network are continuing to multiply. A big element of the WAN edge is its ability to unify all disparate elements and centralize control of the network all the way out to the branch. ExtremeCloud SD-WAN is how you bring simplicity, cost savings, and control back to your enterprise network.

WAN Edge Then vs Now


  • Made up of dedicated hardware (edge routers, WAN optimization solution, security appliances)
  • Each element worked independently to process and secure its own network traffic


  • Connects distributed locations (e.g., branch offices, retail stores, school buildings) to other sites as well as cloud-based applications, data, and services
  • Enables you to manage all cloud application traffic at once
  • Handles overall security and routing
  • Supports cloud connectivity
  • Enables consolidation of every element within the WAN edge

TCO Calculator

Want to get the best total cost of ownership (TCO) in the market for your SD-WAN solution? Crunch the numbers with our personalized TCO Calculator


“ExtremeCloud SD-WAN has given us confidence what we are in control of our network performance. As we evolve our digital services, it offers a solid foundation to better plan our future network requirements.”

Claudio Libera
Network Engineer, Banca Popolare di Sondrio

“When the devices were in place and tuned according to the network monitoring task at hand, we needn’t worry about anything.”

Lori St. John
Global Network Manager, INEOS Styrolution

The Case for SD-WAN
What is SD-WAN and why does it matter in today’s infinite enterprise?