Application Performance Management

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Deliver consistently exceptional application performance and user experiences with ExtremeCloudTM SD-WAN. 

As the rate of business and technology change accelerates, the expectations on IT teams to deliver consistently exceptional user experiences across increasingly hybrid work environments have never been higher.

However, the challenges to doing so have never been greater, as organizations rely increasingly on a mix of real-time, bandwidth-intense collaboration services and applications delivered across an evolving hybrid cloud environment.

Extreme's application performance management capabilities provide intelligent application performance visibility and control as well as an intuitive troubleshooting toolset that enables IT teams to deliver consistently exceptional application performance across their networks.

Extreme enables consistently exceptional user experiences

Paired with ExtremeCloud IQ, centralized configuration and management enables consistent policy for end-to-end QoE, and align bandwidth allocation and performance with the business criticality of applications.

Automated discovery and simple classification of more than 5,000 applications accelerates deployment configuration and enables quick identification of shadow IT.

Intelligent application performance control analyzes and optimizes network traffic, bandwidth availability, and application demand across the WAN, reallocating bandwidth as needed to meet performance goals.

Maintenance-free cloud on-ramps and policy-enabled local breakout to trusted SaaS applications reduces the need for backhauling cloud bound traffic.

LAN-to-WAN-to-Cloud performance monitoring enables improved application performance and availability powered by rapid, deep analysis of issues that impact user experience, including SaaS applications and IaaS applications hosted with AWS and Microsoft Azure. 

Experience Quality Score (EQS) enables at-a-glance understanding of performance of a given application, site, or link.

Granular performance visibility into over 5,000 application services on a site-by-site basis enables quick understanding of user experience and make evidence-based decisions about network refinement. 

Paired with ExtremeCloud IQ enhanced observability enables identification of performance issues inside the LAN with AIOPs, contextual telemetry, and granular network and application performance visibility across users, devices, sites, links, and locations. 

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