ExtremeCloud SD-WAN Accelerating Digital Transformation and Cloud Migration

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Secure cloud connectivity, maintenance-free onramps, and exceptional application performance

The success of digital transformation programs is linked to user experience. However, the performance of new applications can be unpredictable in legacy network architectures, especially with the uptake of bandwidth-intensive collaboration applications. Further, as network traffic no longer backhauls through the data center and its firewalls, organizations need to simplify and secure cloud connectivity. Both needs increase complexity for IT teams, already facing budget constraints.

Whether organizations aim to improve business productivity with digital transformation or simplify cloud migration, ExtremeCloudTM SD-WAN provides a flexible solution featuring:

  • maintenance-free cloud on-ramps
  • policy-based, local SaaS breakout 
  • enterprise-grade security using IPsec and stateful firewalls 
  • advanced application performance management with granular visibility and control 

Business Outcomes

  • Increased business agility and application performance at lower cost with common policy, advanced traffic steering, and remote visibility and control.
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness with automated cloud connectivity powered by maintenance-free cloud on-ramps
  • Reduced security complexity with built-in and advanced cloud-delivered WAN security that enable flexible, best-in-class security solutions

Accelerate and simplify the cloud journey with ExtremeCloud SD-WAN

ExtremeCloudTM SD-WAN enables organizations to take advantage of cloud scalability, performance, and cost benefits while reducing the complexity of delivering secure, high-performance, multi-cloud connectivity.

Secure overlay to cloud hyperscalers (AWS and Microsoft Azure) simplifies connectivity to new services with application performance visibility and control and reduces the complexity and risk of migrating workloads to the cloud.

Advanced application steering directs application session traffic over specific links, improving site resilience and performance.

IPsec tunnels secure site-to-site, site-to-data center, and site-to-IaaS traffic, while builtin zone-based firewall facilitates network segmentation.

Optional bring your own internet access security, including firewall as a service, secure web gateway, and more, protects against malware, ransomware, and other internet-borne threats. 

Policy-based local SaaS break-out improves application performance at remote sites while restricting access to shadow IT.

Granular performance visibility into over 5,000 application services on a site-by-site basis enables quick understanding of user experience and evidence-based decisions about network refinement.

Intelligent application performance control analyzes and optimizes network traffic, bandwidth availability, and application demand across the WAN, reallocating bandwidth as needed to meet performance goals.

Access to low-latency cloud backbone, flexible SD-WAN speed tiers, and 10G SDWAN appliances enable improved performance with controlled costs. 

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