Extreme Cloud-Native Network Visibility Solution

Provides industry-changing network visibility for deeper data insights and control

Cloud-native experience with the reliability of a carrier-grade solution

Composable Network​ Operating System

Delivered as a microservices architecture, the Intelligent Network Visibility Solution features a cloud-native composable operating system built for customization ​and rapid service delivery.

Extreme Visibility Manager​

Centralized Management of all Extreme Visibility Solutions that is massively scalable to grow and adapt​

Extreme Network Visibility Platform

Build for a cloud-native world, the Extreme 9920 delivers a revolutionary network visibility platform for the most demanding Service Provider networks​

Extreme Network Visibility Key Functionality​​

Centralized Management​

The Extreme Visibility Solutions dynamically scale up and scale out on demand and provide pervasive visibility into all data in motion of a Service Provider network.​

Cloud-Native Operating System​

The microservices based operating system is built for customization and rapid service delivery. It supports live patching to enable updates safely to maintain reliability and reduce operational risk.​

Composable Data Pipeline​

The intelligent Extreme Networks Visibility Platform is based on a programmable ASIC and provides a composable data pipeline for maximum flexibility ensuring any future enhancements can be easily applied.​

Greater Power Efficiency​

With a smaller physical footprint and greater power efficiency, the Extreme 9000 Series is ideally suited for modern 5G deployments both in aggregation at the data center and for high-bandwidth data collection at the edge.​

Extreme 9920

Distributed network visibility platform that is built with cloud native design principles and has a composable data pipeline to react quickly to user demands and new use cases.

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