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A Campus That’s Secure and Easier to Manage

Wanted: A Campus for the Digital Era

The enterprise campus has become one of the most vexing environments in which to manage IT. You need to rapidly onboard BYOD users and Internet connected devices, quickly deploy the new digital technology that your organization requires, prevent cyber-attacks at every entry point, and do it all while delivering a consistent and personalized user experience.  Extreme’s Automated Campus solution makes it all possible with simplicity, security, and intelligence that are second to none.

Traditional Campus Network

Extreme’s Automated Campus

Why Switch to Extreme Automated Campus Solution?

Drive IT Staff Efficiency

Streamline and automate your network to enable faster network changes, quicker deployment of new applications and more intuitive troubleshooting.

Deliver a Better User Experience

Gain visibility and control of users and applications along with actionable business insights to deliver the best user experience.

Reduce Business Risk

Deploy a segmented network to increase security by isolating critical users, applications and/ or IoT devices, and containing breaches to minimize damage.

Extreme’s Automated Campus. Networking Redefined.

Simplify your Campus Network

Fabric Connect simplifies and streamlines the network by enabling services automation and dynamic auto-attachment of end points.

Enhance Network Security

Extreme offers comprehensive security; including an open eco-system, advanced wireless security, visibility and control over edge devices, along with end-to-end network segmentation

Gain control over your end points

Apply granular controls over who, what, when, where and how endpoints are allowed on the network.

Derive Business Insights

Stop guessing about your applications. ExtremeAnalytics provides visibility into what applications are running on your network, who is using them and the response time for each.

Manage with a 360 degree view

Integrated management, policy and analytics allow you to manage your entire network end to end with a 360 degree view.

Secure your IoT devices

IoT is the next attack vector. Protect your mission critical IoT devices – especially those that lack embedded security – with a solution that makes IoT security simple.

Automated Campus Solution

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