A Campus That’s Secure and Easier to Manage

Enable devices and users to securely configure themselves and manage it all from a single interface.

Wanted: A Campus for the Digital Era

The enterprise campus has become one of the most vexing environments in which to manage IT. You need to rapidly onboard BYOD users and emerging IoT devices, scale locations as the business evolves, prevent cyber-attacks at every access point, and do it all while delivering a consistent and personalized user experience.  Extreme’s Automated Campus solution makes it all possible with simplicity, security, and intelligence that are second to none.

Traditional Campus Network

Extreme’s Automated Campus

Why Switch to Extreme Automated Campus Solution?

Drive IT Staff Efficiency

Manage hundreds of access points, tens of thousands of simultaneous users, and dozens of different applications and interfaces with a single IT staff member.

Deliver a Better User Experience

Gain visibility and control of users and applications along with actionable business insights and context to deliver the best user experience.

Reduce Business Risk

Segmented networks increase security without increasing complexity and reduce the impact of any security breach by isolating remaining network segments.

Automated Campus Solution

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