Make Your Campus Stand Out with the Fabric Technology Advantage


Cutting-edge technologies create a better-quality student experience both on and off campus. And fabric technology is the perfect way to weave it all together.

“We are weaving the future on the loom of today.” Grace Dawson

Quality is hard to come by. Our quick-fix, throw-away culture is conditioned for instant gratification. Students are slipping into overpriced ubers, snarfing ramen, and submitting ChatGPT school essays. And we’re all addicted to scrolling for life hacks, 150-character venting sessions and facial filters.

It’s no wonder when something is created with time and extra care, it stands out.

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” Steve Jobs

Choosing Good Quality

Take your favorite pair of jeans. Denim used to be 100% cotton. But today’s jeans are an intelligent mix of fibers specially chosen for durability, comfort, and strength. The more attention given to the fabric and how the strands are woven together, the better quality the material.

Fabric makers work to achieve durability, strength and fit. Extra steps are taken to choose each individual strand. And the weave is chosen to bind them together in a way that brings consistent, unified reliability.

Unraveling the Campus Network

There are many strands in a campus network. Each separate place provides individual experiences to students and staff. A student may spend the week or day going from place to place, using their device to conduct student life. Maneuvering through separate places and making their way around campus.

Network administrators have the task of juggling all those single elements, supervising them and making sure they all are functioning well and reaching the right people at the right times. Much like the town mayor, they must oversee it all from a vantage point that is getting more tangled the more elements are added.

Weaving It All Together with Fabric

And a good cloud computing platform weaves together different parts of the network, enabling them all to work together to form a single entity. Like a singular whole piece of cloth, this network is stronger and more durable. Consistent. And much easier to manage.

This is what fabric technology can achieve in the campus network. Higher education and quality must go hand in hand today. Every step a student takes should reinforce why they’re paying good money to get an education. And today that means providing quality in the digital experience.

Let’s take a quick look at what adding fabric to the campus network can do:

Speed Things Up

And we mean everything. Applying fabric to the network brings:

  • Anywhere, any service connectivity
  • Plug and play deployment with faster time to service
  • Streamlined, scalable multicast services
  • Ability to deploy, configure, and provision multiple devices at once
  • Extreme’s 11x faster time to service
  • Extreme’s 7x better time to repair

Unify Network Services

  • Simplified, common services
  • Superior user experience
  • Wired, wireless, SD-WAN, third party
  • End to end unbreachable security
  • Extreme has hyper-segmentation to block lateral movement
  • Unbreachable to hackathons

Provide Full Automation

More streamlined network management resolves a world of challenges. Fabric is the spider to your campus web, enabling you to feel, reach and tend to each strand in the right way at the right time.

  • More efficient management
  • Highly scalable across data center, campus, branch

A good quality fabric can be felt throughout each action and movement. In the campus network, it should bring that same quality consistently regardless of where a user is or what they’re using. 

Establish Inherent Security

There’s no room for gaps or weak spots in a network charged with safeguarding the sensitive data of many users. Fabric technology provides both barrier and sentry across campus.

The Fabric Advantage

With fabric technology in their toolbox, network administrators become the master weavers of the campus network. A stronger, more consistent experience – for both users and administrators – makes managing all the individual elements easier and more natural.  

The result is a quality that can be felt across the campus. And this is exactly the kind of differentiation that makes a college or university stand out. Extreme has the most widely deployed campus fabric technology solution with over 5,000 implementations.

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