Security without Complexity

Help protect your enterprise from costly data breaches by implementing smart, multi-level security capabilities

The frequency of malicious, cybersecurity attacks continues to increase. Help protect your enterprise by implementing multilevel security capabilities that simplify access control, overcome the inherent vulnerabilities in the IP protocol, enable new levels of network segmentation and isolation, and allow you to detect and respond to threats promptly.


Extreme’s industry-leading solutions, such as ExtremeControl, Extreme Fabric Connect, ExtremeSurge, Extreme Information Governance Engine and Extreme Air Defense break new ground by enabling enterprises to mitigate the tradeoffs between security, cost and agility.

Securing the Everywhere Perimeter

The Smart Approach to Networking for Enhanced Agency Cybersecurity

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Control Access

Control who is accessing the network, with which device and where they are going. Our policy-based access control solution, ExtremeControl, can promptly respond to threats and isolate and lock down communications.

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Contain Breaches

One of the most overlooked security strategies is network segmentation.  Extreme’s hyper-segmentation capability allows you to isolate and protect critical information, applications and users by  creating ‘dead ends’ for hackers.

Create a Stealth Network

Most legacy networks are visible and traceable. If a hacker gets in, they can discover the entire network. An Extreme Fabric Connect network is invisible; and for potential hackers – what you can’t see, you can’t attack.

Eliminate Back Door Entry Points

Extreme Network’s elastic network automates edge connectivity, expanding and retracting services based on who or what is connecting., When a device is removed, the service is retracted, eliminating potential backdoor entry points for hackers.

Leverage the Ecosystem

Leveraging third party solutions can greatly enhance end to end network security. ExtremeConnect empowers you by integrating Extreme Management Center with major enterprise platforms including best of breed security offerings.

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Get Insight

Network breaches take on average 200 days to detect. Learn how Extreme provides a true 360-degree view of the network, users, devices and applications giving the visibility and insight needed to help ensure your network stays secure.

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Meet Compliance and Regulatory Obligations

Extreme’s Information Governance Engine replaces the current manual and error-prone network compliance process with a fully automated and repeatable solution that works in the background 24/7/365.

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On-Board and Secure IoT Devices

Gartner predicts that by 2020, 25% of cyberattacks will come from IoT. Make the process of tightly securing, segmenting and managing thousands of IoT devices easier. Learn how Extreme Surge makes this a reality.

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Ensure Wireless Security and Compliance

With 75% of IoT devices expected to be WiFi connected, security of wireless networks is imperative. Extreme AirDefense simplifies the management, monitoring and protection of your WLAN networks.

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Protect People, Places, and Assets

Physical Security systems are only as effective as the networks they reside on. Learn how the Extreme Networks Physec can deliver easy deployment, lower OpEx, and fine-grained control over users, devices, and traffic with visibility into VMS, PSIM, and IBS, access security, and reliability.

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Extreme Fabric for Video Surveillance

Protect from Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware is one of the most lucrative forms of malware. It involves a user’s data being encrypted, and the user denied access to their data until a ransom is paid. Learn how you can help protect your organization and users from ransomware attacks.

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Cyber Security Protection in Education

How can schools ensure they are fully in compliance with FERPA, HIPAA, CIPA, and SOX? What metrics can be used to help with the task of managing security?

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The World of Network Security

Case Studies

Black Oak Case Study

Bell Center Case Study

Promedica Case Study

European Investment Bank

Cambio Healthcare Systems

Unsure Where to Start?

Our security experts can come onsite, perform network penetration testing and help secure your network by developing a comprehensive information and security governance strategy.

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