Smart Cities: Why Cloud is the Silver Lining for 2021

There’s no doubt the private sector has leveraged digital transformation to boost sales, streamline processes, and foster innovation. It’s also clear the response to the COVID-19 pandemic has shaped and accelerated these transformation efforts. State and local governments have not been left behind in this great shift. Government leaders are using new smart city and community technologies to cut down on crime, improve health-related services, reduce expenses, and better optimize traffic flow and public transportation. This has cast a spotlight on the critical networking infrastructure that underlies and enables these initiatives. In this webcast from Extreme Networks, we’ll explore:  

  • What new research has to say about Smart Cities initiatives. 
  • How these developments are impacting network evolution;
  • How IT leaders can address the emerging security challenges 


  • Wesley Durow – Chief Marketing Officer, Extreme Networks
  • Brian O’Connor – Director Ecosystem Development,  Extreme Networks
  • Edwin Koehler – Principal Application Engineer & Member of the CTO Board, Extreme Networks
  • Jim Malone: IDG Sr. Content Director

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