MLB Postseason Insights Presented by Extreme Networks

The 2023 MLB season has wrapped up and the Postseason was one for the record books.  As October baseball was kicking off, Extreme Networks hosted the 3rd edition of the MLB Postseason Insights webinar. In the webinar, we discussed what Extreme has done throughout Major League Baseball over the past three seasons and an exciting preview of the 2023 Postseason.

Our VIP Postseason Insight webinar was recorded live on Wednesday, October 4th. The Extreme Networks hosted event included the San Francisco Giants SVP and CIO, Bill Schlough. Bill shares his technology journey to his current role and how the technology landscape has changed. He also shares his experience from the recent Extreme upgrade to Wi-Fi 6E at Oracle Park. Then to help us dig-in to the Postseason, Scott Braun, Foul Territory, gives us a season recap, League surprises, and World Series predictions. Also discussed, are the latest technology trends and how a venue is a microcosm of other industries. The entire session is 45 minutes and includes some great questions from live attendees. 

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