Plot Your Course in the Evolution of Wi-Fi Technology


KICK Sauber F1® Team has partnered with Extreme to enhance its global operations with high-speed Wi-Fi 6E solutions. This collaboration will provide the team with flexible and secure wireless connectivity as they work in their headquarters to prepare all the way through the championship.

In the following webinar, get an update on the current state of Wi-Fi and learn how upgrading to the Wi-Fi 6E can alleviate limitations you face today and position you to take advantage of the explosive growth of devices and applications expected in the future. Finally, build a project plan based on best practices with a clear view of what to expect when upgrading your network to the current version of Wi-Fi.

Listen to Extreme Networks Expert and a panel of guest experts including Chris Szymanski, Director of Product Marketing – Technology Strategy, Broadcom and Sean Colburn, Systems Engineer, Extreme Networks on the following topics:

  • Challenges IT leaders and their teams face today
  • Trends influencing technology decisions and the use of Wi-Fi
  • Benefits and considerations of upgrading Wi-Fi
  • Deciding between Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E, and Wi-Fi 7
  • Ways Extreme can assist you in your migration
  • An example of a real-world Wi-Fi 6E customer deployment
  • Reasons why network management powered by AIOps is an essential component of an upgrade project
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