Extreme Unlocks the Power of Fabric: Organize One Network Across Data Center, Campus, and Branch

Dive deeper into how Extreme Fabric is not just meeting but surpassing the evolving demands of modern networking, revolutionizing connectivity, security, and operational efficiency.


Extreme Unlocks the Power of Fabric

More than 5,000 customers around the world trust Extreme Fabric because it is the industry's only end-to-end network fabric, designed to make it easy to unify, secure, and automate networks.

Our Fabric solution goes beyond conventional networking approaches - seamlessly integrating wired, wireless, and third-party devices while ensuring robust security through hyper-segmentation. With zero-touch provisioning and simplified operations, organizations can accelerate deployment and mitigate risks effectively. Extreme's unique End-to-End Fabric empowers users to tailor solutions to their specific needs, seamlessly extending the fabric across remote locations via SD-WAN integration. 

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