Evolution of Moving from Peering to Interconnect

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As the Internet exchange points (IXPs) started to show in early 2000, it has become evident that the world has changed a lot since then with new things like edge compute, or multi access edge compute (MEC), and it is not about just peering anymore. Beginning in 2022, a new era of peering has already started with Interconnects as the foundation for delivering SLA-based services closer to the users via any of the latest cloud-native paradigms where 5G technology is at the forefront. And more will follow.

Moving to Interconnect 2.0 is challenging and will not happen overnight. While the rationale for embracing the new era of interconnects is clear, many factors are slowing the industry’s movement into becoming the interconnects of the future. Despite this, the industry is moving toward cloud-native deployments with tightly integrated ecosystems incorporating APIs for the orchestration and automation of services, enabling scalability, and thus benefiting the interconnects. We have created an infographic that visualizes this historical evolution.

Moving from Peering to Interconnect Infogaphic

You can grab the full PDF version of this infographic via the link below. So, please take a moment to download the PDF, print it out in full color, and display it in your office. And don’t forget to share it with all your techno peers so they can also connect.