Zwarte Cross – A Connected Festival


The 2022 edition served as a major comeback for the festival, which had been sidelined by the pandemic. This year, more than 200,000 visitors attended the 4-day event, featuring 38 stages for live performances. Zwarte Cross knows how to create a once-in-a-lifetime entertainment experience, and part of that is ensuring attendees have a high-quality network that can support them as they share the experience with friends and followers on social media.



  • Purposely designed and deployed network solution for temporary event
  • Ability to offer connectivity for thousands of festival goers 
  • Visibility and understanding of network performance and usage
"The partnership with Extreme Networks is important because we live in a digital age where connection is crucial. Visitors should be able to keep in touch with home, friends and social media. For this, we have rolled out an incredibly large network together with Extreme and Indicium."
Ronnie Degen
Co-owner, Feestfabriek/Zwarte Cross

Extreme Solutions

  • Extreme Wireless™



  • Thousands of attendees connected over outdoor Wi-Fi network
  • Support of festival functions including ticketing, POS, and internal communications