University of Bern Secures Large Campus with Extreme Fabric

The University of Bern, located in the Western part of Bern, Switzerland, is about 175 years old and is comprised of over 20,000 students and 7,500 faculty members. With a dispersed campus of 130 buildings across the city, the university must provide stable, secure connectivity for student and faculty devices.



  • Fortify network security for dispersed campus 
  • Secure onboarding of student and faculty devices regardless of location
  • Set foundation for future automation integrations
"The university is spread out over 130 buildings. With Fabric it's much easier to transport services where we need them, even if we need them at different places, which can happen almost every day. With Fabric it's much easier to bring services to the right place."
Philipp Tobler
Network & Security Team Leader, University of Bern

Extreme Solutions

  • Extreme Fabric Connect™



  • Faster delivery of network services across dispersed campus
  • Reliable connectivity for end users regardless of location
  • Hyper segmentation enhances security and allows for safe onboarding of personal devices
  • Greater control and visibility into network infrastructure