UKL Automates Hospital Processes with Reliable, High-Performance Network

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The University Hospital Leipzig (UKL) is Germany’s second oldest university medical institution, providing care for more than 400,000 patients annually at its 1450-bed hospital. The hospital’s staff is represented by more than 55 nations, working together in patient care, medical research, and teaching in clinics, institutes, and medical facilities.



  • Flexibility and bandwidth to support roaming 6,500 users and 18,000 devices per month across hospital campus
  • Secure automation to meet Federal Office of Information Security (BSI) regulations and protect sensitive patient data
  • Eliminate downtime so hospital staff can efficiently use critical medical devices and applications
"We have entered into strategic partnerships with our key suppliers. We will also strategically promote network segmentation as a security topology separation, together with our proven hardware partner, Extreme Networks."
Daniel Pfuhl
Head of System Management, UKL

Extreme Solutions

  • Extreme Wireless™
  • Extreme Switching™
  • Extreme Control™
  • Extreme Premier Services




  • Simplified, secure onboarding and network access for authorized personnel
  • Eliminated physical separation of service networks which improves network flexibility and cost efficiency


  • Automatic segmentation of critical hospital devices and equipment like PCs, X-ray machines, robots, and other IoMT keep devices securely isolated
  • Future proof solutions will further promote automation and security strategies as hospital operations expand

The Value of Service

  • 24/7/365 support from network experts dedicated to resolving unforeseeable scenarios
  • Dedicated Premier Services team to provide guidance on deployments, technology challenges, delivery and more