STRABAG SE Migrates to High-Performance WLAN to meet Global Digital Transformation Demands

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The STRABAG Group is a leading European technology constructions services group. STRABAG BRVZ GmbH & Co. KG, is an internal business partner to the STRABAG Group with approximately 1,500 employees. It provides IT services, software development, and other resources that facilitate operations and support the construction process. As an IT competency centre, STRABAG BRVZ supports the group’s operating units and enables them to focus on the core business in order to deliver optimum services to their customers.  



  • Lack of flexibility
  • Interface complexity of previous WLAN equipment
  • Solution heterogeneity across the network
  • Inability to achieve both maximum simplicity and maximum security
"We are on board and 100% satisfied."
Dr. Marco Saver Bornschiegi
Head of IT Services Infrastructure and CISO, STRABAG BRVZ 

Extreme Solutions

  • ExtremeWireless™



  • High flexibility across all sites
  • Central network administration and control
  • Reduction of interfaces – establishing a uniform standard worldwide
  • Optimal security