Seafood Producer Upgrades Mission-Critical Network in the Most Difficult of Environments

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For decades, Alaska’s world-class fisheries have been managed sustainably by the State of Alaska and the North Pacific Fishery Management Council. This approach to fishery management has made UniSea among the largest seafood producers. Over 40 years ago, UniSea® started processing King and Tanner crab in Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Now, UniSea processes King and Tanner crab, Alaskan Pollock, Pacific Cod, Black Cod, Halibut and a variety of other species while employing over 1,000 full-time and seasonal workers.



  • Technology able to withstand extreme temperatures
  • Insights into the network
"Extreme went above and beyond helping us deploy Wi-Fi in this extremely diffi-cult environment."
Steve Nuss
IT Manager, UniSea

Extreme Solutions

  • ExtremeCloud™ IQ
  • ExtremeWireless™



  • Increased security and safety in the warehouses
  • Flexible network even with extreme temperatures
  • Complete control and visibility of the network