Network Upgrade at Humble Independent School District Sets Students Up for Success

Published 17 Jan 2020

Humble Independent School District is located in Houston, and parts of Harris County, taking up over 90 square miles with 42 school buildings. The district has over 42,000 students ranging from elementary to high school and has future plans of building another middle school and elementary. The school district’s goal was to modernize the technology and networks within their schools, while also ensuring that it is easy to manage, because of their small IT department. The Humble Independent School District was determined to have a school system where their technology was going to enable them the highest level of success for their growing staff and student population.

Technology Needs

  • A hardware refresh was on the horizon
  • Wave 2 APs for greater bandwidth were required
  • CapEx costs were preferred over OpEx costs to utilize ERate funding


  • Eliminated the need to hire additional staff
  • No unanticipated outages or issues
  • Network staff able to refocus efforts towards the quality of education
  • Improved trust in technology and IT among leadership

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