Technology Needs

  • Unify existing packet and circuit switched networks into a single environment to reduce complexity and convergence times
  • Increase network resiliency
  • Reduce provisioning time and effort
  • Streamline network configuration and
    simplify management

Extreme Solution Components

  • Extreme Fabric Connect
  • ExtremeAccess™ Platform 1400 Series

City of Milwaukee Optimize Critical Services with Agile and Resilient Network

The City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin covers 100 square miles on the western shore of Lake Michigan, with a population of 600,000 people. Their city-wide fiber backbone with multiple carrier connections distributes network resources to more than 100 buildings and 7,000 city staff. The Information and Technology Management Division, including three dedicated network managers, maintain the city’s IT infrastructure and systems for multiple departments, all on separate virtualized networks. The vast network includes more than 500 switches and a recent extension of the fabric network to over 700 traffic cabinets.

The City of Milwaukee became Extreme Networks’ first Fabric Connect customer globally in 2011 and have continued to expand their network to meet their evolving requirements. In direct partnership with Extreme Networks, Integration Partners has also been a critical part of meeting City of Milwaukee’s unique IT deliverables and business initiatives. This includes providing design assistance with best of class products and configurations, consistent product roadmap engagement, and seamless access to the organization’s network operations center and support services.

“We plan to leverage Extreme Fabric Connect to act as a service provider to
multiple partners with virtual dark fiber connections.”

David Henke, CIO, City of Milwaukee

The Results

Enhanced Mission Critical Services

  • Emergency services on separate, virtualized networks increase security and resiliency for Police Department, Fire Department, EMS, Water Works, and more.
  • Simplified management of multiple video surveillance networks including connected traffic lights and freeway cameras, Public Works, policing, and events.
  • Rapid extension of network connectivity for COVID-19 test sites and isolation unit for those in need.

Strengthened Government Resilience

  • Major incidents like fiber cuts are non-issues, eliminating any impact to connectivity or network services.
  • Empowered to develop a “crash kit” using the small and cost effective ExtremeAccess Platform 1400 for rapidly extending the network in emergency or other on-demand scenarios
  • Ability to perform quick service adjustments and quickly deploy surveillance solutions for the police department and national events, like the Democratic National Convention (DNC).

Increased Operational Efficiency

  • Simplified network has enabled IT to grow their network and expand services without adding resources.
  • Hyper-segmentation keeps network traffic separated for various local agencies and partners, while optimizing service delivery and security.

"After a competitive search, the choice to go with Extreme Networks from a performance and cost perspective, was pretty straightforward. That remains true 10 years later.”

David Henke
CIO, City of Milwaukee

“Non-events are my goal and consistently made possible with Extreme Networks. Without outages or bugs or errors, network users don’t notice changes. It’s actually harder for me to explain that we avoided network issues for what could have been a catastrophic event to prove its true value.”

David Henke
CIO, City of Milwaukee

“Thanks to the simplicity of Extreme’s Fabric Connect technology, we have not needed to add network IT resources as the city’s network continuously grows in size, scale, and complexity.”

David Henke
CIO, City of Milwaukee

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