What is Zero Trust? Zero Trust Security Model


Zero Trust is a technology buzzword that has many meanings for many people. Zero Trust can be summarized in today’s categorically untrustworthy computing environment by the phrase, “never trust, always verify.”

At its core, Zero Trust is actionable though still challenging to put into practice in a complete manner. In the final analysis, proper application of Zero Trust principles should raise the bar against networked adversaries and deliver measurable success for defenders. It starts with Identity and ends with Analytics.

To illustrate the concept of “never trust and always verify,” we’ve created an infographic that highlights some of the core components of zero-trust security in the enterprise.

You can grab the full PDF version of this infographic via the link below. So, please take a moment to download the PDF, print it out in full color, and display it in your office. And don’t forget to share it with all your techno colleagues whether you trust them or not.

Full Infographic

Zero Trust Infographic

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