What Exactly is the Intelligent Enterprise Edge?

In an earlier blog post, my colleague, Markus Nispel, introduced the idea of the Intelligent Enterprise Edge. This concept provides a fresh perspective on edge computing, paving the way to unleash the potential of next-generation applications and services. Data processing and analytics at a network's edge are being transformed by incorporating AI and ML algorithms, opening a world of limitless possibilities.

How Does It Work?

In a traditional enterprise network, data is sent from edge devices to the public cloud for processing. However, with the Intelligent Enterprise Edge, the processing is done locally at the network's edge to redefine how we build, deploy and even consume software. The Intelligent Enterprise Edge is a distributed environment powered by AI/ML capabilities that makes deploying edge-native applications on the Edge a reality. Edge-native applications are similar to cloud-native with specific characteristics that makes them unique, such as security requirements and lifecycle management. The shift of applications to the edge provides three significant benefits:
  1. Enhanced application experience due to faster response times
  2. Lower bandwidth and compute costs
  3. Increased data sovereignty

The Enterprise Intelligent Edge will transform business operations, particularly in industries such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing and retail, where real-time data processing is crucial and delays can be costly. Additionally, it improves security by enabling data processing to occur at the edge, thereby reducing the possibility of data breaches and ensuring that sensitive data remains on-premises.


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