The History and Future of Identity Verification


Identity is how we know who we are. In a tech world where Zero Trust frameworks are becoming the norm, how will we be able to prove our identity? How do we know who we are? To answer these questions, we created a video about the history of identity verification.

On the surface, the concept of identity appears simple. Confirming identity, on the other hand, is extremely difficult. Each iteration of identity verification has resulted from numerous cycles of trial and error, with the best technology available at the time. Identification has evolved over centuries, but with biometrics and security innovations occurring daily, expect more amazing advancements in identification in the next 50 years.

Join us for a storybook journey through time as we explore the evolution of identity verification. From the earliest days of humankind to today's cutting-edge technology, we'll take a fun and informative look at how we've proven our identities throughout history. But that's not all - we'll also delve into the exciting advancements that are on the horizon, giving you a sneak peek at what the future of identity verification might hold. Don't miss out – watch the video now!

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Brendan Bonner
Innovation Lead, Office of the CTO

Brendan Bonner is a member of the OCTO team. He is a telecoms industry veteran with 25 years at the cutting edge of innovation in mobile & fixed networks.

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