Thank You, Veterans

Each year we celebrate Veterans Day to honor those who have dedicated their time and risked their lives to serve in the United States military. We recognize the thousands of veterans around us and thank them for all they have sacrificed to protect our freedoms and ensure our safety.

At Extreme, we launched our Global Veterans Council employee resource group (ERG) to bring together veterans and allies to cultivate a community of support. We strive to make Extreme a top choice for veterans starting their post-military careers, provide support and services to those working at Extreme, and engage in efforts to support veterans in our community. Our ERG meets every month to chat, share information, and provide a safe place for members to make connections with people who are there to help in any way they can.

As a veteran myself, having served four years in the Army as a member of the 3rd US Infantry Regiment, I know veterans have many amazing qualities that organizations value. Veterans are often the employees who are willing to go the extra mile and who volunteer for the jobs no one else wants to do, frequently behind the scenes. As the leader of the Veterans Council, my goal for our ERG is to ensure veterans feel appreciated and provide them with a haven where they feel comfortable to share their stories.

This year, for Veterans Day, the Global Veterans Council has plans to support veterans all over the United States. One of our initiatives is with Platoon 22, a nonprofit organization working to combat the ever-rising veteran suicide rate. Extreme is partnering with Platoon 22 as part of their efforts to build a veteran’s center in Frederick, Maryland that will house different organizations to help veterans transitioning from military life back to civilian life. Programs will include mental health counseling, career training, and resources for housing, healthcare, and clothing.

Extreme Networks will provide eight switches and 25 access points to Platoon 22 to help them run the brand-new facility. In addition to providing the network, Extreme will also provide veterans with access to Extreme Academy courses to help prepare them for their next career. Following the completion of the Extreme Academy coursework, veterans can earn industry certifications and work with our talent acquisition team to find applicable roles at Extreme or within our partner community.

We’re also planning internal events such as a fireside chat with Danny Farrar, the CEO of Platoon 22. Danny will explain how the nonprofit helps veterans and Extreme’s involvement with the organization.

We asked a few of our Global Veterans Council members at Extreme to share their thoughts and experiences on our ERG, and I’m pleased to share them with you here.

It’s my honor to lead the Global Veterans Council and I am so proud of everything our ERG has accomplished since our inception a year ago. Seeing the team come together and prepare for Veterans Day has been amazing. We owe our initial success to the amazing leadership team here at Extreme. Inclusion starts at the top, so having our executive team’s support was a critical first step to getting our program up and running.

I’m also proud to see so many fellow veterans share their experiences and perspectives as part of our Veterans Day celebrations. When we share our stories with the world, we can inspire other veterans adjusting to civilian life and help them realize they’re capable of pursuing new opportunities. On behalf of everyone at Extreme, thank you to all veterans for your service and your part in keeping us all safe and free.

If you’re interested in joining Extreme Networks, I encourage you to visit our careers page and learn more about our diversity and inclusion initiatives at Extreme Networks. And stay tuned for more updates from the Global Veterans Council, Extreme’s Diversity & Inclusion Council, and the many employee resource groups at Extreme.

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