Corporate Social Responsibility

Extreme is relentless in our commitment to our 50,000 customers around the world, building networks that drive competitive advantage, accelerate innovation, and improve the human experience. This includes a commitment to corporate social responsibility in our own business, and in fostering this with our business partners and our supply chain.


Advancing for Good
2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

At Extreme, we recognize that our impact extends far beyond the technology we sell. To make a difference as a technology company, social responsibility must be woven into our business strategy and infused into everyday practices. As we enter our 25th year in business, we are committed to doing more to protect and advance the quality of life for our employees, customers, partners, suppliers, shareholders and our broader communities.

Ed Meyercord
President and CEO


Extreme takes great pride in establishing resilient, clean energy sources for businesses and communities, and ensuring our suppliers and partners adhere to our ethical, human rights, legal, confidentiality and environmental standards.

Reduction of Carbon Footprint

In fiscal 2019, Extreme installed a 2.2-megawatt Bloom Energy Fuel Cell System to generate power at its San Jose headquarters to operate as a utility microgrid. The fuel cell technology reduces carbon dioxide emissions and nearly eliminates the water required to produce energy.


Extreme takes other steps to reduce the carbon footprint of the company and its employees.  We have long been supportive of employees working remotely, even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and the work-from-home orders. This results in fewer miles driven than if all employees were required to report to the office daily.  For employees in San Jose, California and Morrisville, North Carolina who do commute to the office, electric vehicle charging stations are freely available to employees and fully subsidized by Extreme. Use of electric vehicle charging stations avoided 28,906.860 kilograms (14.45 tons) of greenhouse gas emissions during fiscal year 2019.

We seek to embrace and promote positive environmental and social practices in our business community through our Corporate Social Responsibility practice, and our CSR Council, a cross-functional team of employees with a passion for improving not only what we do, but how we do it.

Katy Motiey
Chief Administrative and Sustainability Officer

Corporate Philanthropy

Extreme Networks supports community development, education, and job training in the communities in which we operate through corporate philanthropy.

Global Community Outreach

The Extreme Community and Involvement Team (exCITe) is driven by leaders in 10 different offices around the world spanning from San Jose, California to India. Together with our Philanthropy Committee, this team works to enhance our employee experience by creating opportunities to contribute to local communities via philanthropic activities.

Members of our San Jose team built 2 playhouses as part of the Habitat for Humanity’s Playhouse Program. The playhouse build program serves 2 purposes. One, it is a way for Habitat for Humanity to raise funds for their larger home construction projects. Two, it provides playhouses for local charities and needy families. The 2 playhouses Extreme Employees constructed were donated to Blue Star Mothers of America, a nonprofit that provides support to active armed service forces families.

For more than 10 years, Salem employees have gathered once each month to serve lunch to people in need at the Lazarus House soup kitchen in nearby Lawrence, Massachusetts. They also purchase, prepare, and serve dinner to hungry individuals and families at the Lazarus House homeless shelter.

Raleigh employees raised funds and gave gifts to make sure underprivileged local children and families had presents to open during the holiday season.

Members of our Reading team participated in Volunteer Day at the National Animal Welfare Trust, raising £60K to support this animal rescue organization, and helping onsite with various duties, including Halloween decorating, rebuilding patios, feeding animals, organizing clothes for charity sales and soliciting donations.

Extreme Shannon employees fundraised for this community organization via a variety of activities, including running the Milford Hospice Annual 10K in Limerick, helping to fund the fit-out of two new hospice rooms.

In Focus: United Way

Extreme is committed to narrowing the digital divide. Through our partnership with the United Way Worldwide, we work to help bridge the digital divide for underserved students and families everywhere, providing Wi-Fi services, technology, and training, and help educate and build a stronger workforce for tomorrow.

In Focus: American India Foundation

The American India Foundation (AIF) is a nonprofit American organization that is devoted to accelerating social and economic change in India. Extreme Networks works closely with AIF to support its Digital Equalizer initiative, which helps bridge the digital and educational divide, providing technology-based learning in government schools.

School Transformation Project

Our joint School Transformation Project aims to transform four government schools across Chennai and Bangalore to strengthen teaching and learning activities and improve the learning outcomes of students.

  • Improving school infrastructure, especially water, sanitation and hygiene (WaSH) infrastructure, to promote a healthy learning environment.
  • Creating innovative, tech-driven learning environments in core-subject areas – math, science, English and social studies
  • Ensuring teachers have the ability to use technology, when and where required, in their instruction and promoting a network of teacher change-makers.
  • Increasing engagement and active participation of children in grades 6-8.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

Extreme’s core values are Teamwork, Transparency, Candor, Curiosity, Ownership, and Inclusion. As we increase the breadth of our portfolio and scale of our organization, we continue our practice of hiring – and partnering with – a diversified workforce and supplier base to broaden our company perspective and promote the exchange of ideas. Empowerment of our people is an integral part of our culture and how we run our business.

One-third of our independent directors are female, helping to bring a diversity of thought leadership styles to the Board

Our diversity and inclusion initiatives are driven by the Extreme Networks Diversity and Inclusion Council (D&I Council). The D&I Council fosters an environment that attracts the best talent, values diversity of life experiences and perspectives, and encourages innovation in pursuit of our mission. It is the umbrella organization for our various Employee Resource Groups.

Employee Resource Groups

Extreme encourages employees to be active leaders within the company, and sponsors employee resource groups for employees
who are interested in taking steps to improve diversity at Extreme.

Women’s Leadership Council

Extreme Networks strives to create a culture that values, promotes, and leverages the advancement of women based upon transparency, performance, and merit.
The Extreme Networks Women’s Leadership Council supports the growth and leadership development of women through:

  • Education
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Sponsorship programs

Through this international and cross-functional team, we have established a formal mentorship program, and continue to work for female friendly policies and recruitment efforts, and professional and personal development initiatives in a strategic effort to integrate all women into Extreme.
We strive to ultimately promote the success of the entire organization.

Black at Extreme

Our employee resource group for African American and Black employees, Black@Extreme (BEX), champions and facilitates workplace diversity by embracing cultural, ethnic, and racial differences, by providing programming that promotes inclusion in recruitment activities, offers formalized development, and enables a more collaborative and diverse work environment.

Data Privacy

Privacy by design is incorporated into our product and service development process to minimize unnecessary collection and retention of data, and our legal team works to maintain compliance with regard to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA),  Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (LGPD) and other applicable data privacy regulations.

Extreme has achieved ISO/IEC 27001 certification for ExtremeCloud™ IQ, our industry leading cloud management platform.  The ISO/IEC 27001 certification is a standard for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving Information Security Management Systems (“ISMS”) in an organization.  Companies must undergo a rigorous third-party audit assessing its ISMS to confirm compliance with the ISO/IEC 27001 requirements before a certificate can be issued.

Corporate Governance and Business Ethics

Extreme’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Extreme’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (“Code of Conduct”) covers topics such as export control, anti-corruption, gift-giving, political contributions, fair disclosure, insider trading, conflicts of interest, confidentiality, anti-competitive behavior, use of company assets, government business, and employment practices. Extreme maintains a whistleblower hotline to report violations of the Code of Conduct, and reports are made directly to the Audit Committee of the Board and the Chief Administrative and Sustainability Officer of the Company. Reports are fully and promptly investigated, and results are submitted to the Audit Committee as well as to our external auditors. Our employees are trained regularly on the Code of Conduct, insider trading, anti-corruption, antitrust, export compliance, confidentiality, and anti-harassment. Management reports on the training to the Audit Committee.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Extreme has codified its supplier practices in a formal Supplier Code of Conduct. We require our suppliers to maintain fair employment practices and prohibit forced labor and human trafficking. In addition, suppliers must take strides to improve environmental performance and abide by our Conflict Minerals Policy. We lay out various ethical practices including data privacy, anti-corruption, import and export control, and supplier diversity that suppliers must comply with as well. Extreme maintains a hotline through which people can report violations of the Supplier Code of Conduct.

Conflict Minerals Policy

Extreme maintains a Conflict Minerals Policy that is based on the framework established by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. This policy has been communicated to our suppliers and directs our suppliers to utilize a supply chain that does not support the conflict in the relevant areas.

Workers Human Rights

Extreme is committed to upholding the human rights of workers and treating them with dignity and respect. Per our Supplier Code of Conduct our suppliers do not use bonded or forced labor; do not abuse or allow the harassment of workers and follow all applicable laws regarding child labor.