Reimagining The Education System With Enterprise-Level Networking

The education system in the United States has generally kept its finger on the pulse when it comes to technology. Whether it’s using computers for writing essays or using mobile devices for homework and research, schools across the country have used technology to offer students different avenues of engagement for a comprehensive learning experience. The importance of technology within the education system changed significantly over the last 15 months, forcing teachers and administrators to bring the classroom to the virtual world due to social distancing. Though many schools were fortunate enough to manage these new circumstances, less prepared schools experienced decreased student performance as a result of these limitations.

It appears that now the worst days of the pandemic are behind us, and school administrators are now welcoming students back to the classroom to learn in person. But even though students will now be able to learn as they did prior to the pandemic, teachers and school officials should consider the positive aspect of incorporating hybrid work technology and other networking tools in the classroom. This topic is discussed at length during the Extreme Solution Showcase session “Why Extreme for Primary Education (K12)”, featuring Dr. Akilah Willery, Executive Director, Professional & Digital Learning, Aldine ISD; Dominic Tong, Executive Director Technology Infrastructure, Humble ISD; Dustin Hardin, Chief Technology Officer.

During this conversation, the three speakers talk about the current state of the education system, and how the pandemic has completely reshaped the dynamic between students, teachers, and the school itself. The discussion also dives into the details of how school network administrators are using Extreme Networks to manage the digital resources for thousands of students at once, as well as how valuable network data is being used for decision making and analytical purposes. The session also dives into the importance of supporting economically disadvantaged students, who may not have the means to keep up in the increasingly digital landscape.

Dustin Hardin on evaluating student engagement through technology

Being present in the classroom is certainly the best way to grow as a student. However, the versatility and effectiveness of cloud networking and other digital technologies can offer students a well-rounded learning experience, wherever they happen to be.

This blog was originally authored by Deidra Peterson, Vertical Solutions Marketing Specialist.

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