Cloud Technology


At Extreme Networks, we radically simplify wired and wireless management with Cloud Networking.

With our cloud-first approach, we rapidly innovate and radically simplify wired and wireless networks at scale.

Built on the industry’s most adaptable cloud platform, we help IT take control in a world of network complexity and chaos, offering greater choice, simplicity, and flexibility than rival technologies.

Our Cloud Networking platform has been systematically designed with the latest technologies to provide organizations around the globe with centralized, simplified, and secure access network management for thousands of distributed sites.

Enabled by a third generation Cloud architecture capable of supporting millions of infrastructure devices and tens of millions of clients per regional data center, Extreme Networks offers rapid feature velocity, increased availability, and advanced flexibility desired for modern access network management.

Extreme Networks is trusted by thousands of customers to drastically reduce operational complexity, deliver new analytics & insights, and eliminate the unpredictable costs otherwise associated with growing a network to support the ever increasing connectivity demands.

Extreme Networks Cloud Networking – Innovate. Adapt. Protect.