Cloud-Driven Networking

Powered by Machine Learning and AI

Secure 4th Generation Cloud-Driven Network Management,

Access Control, and Business Insights


We design our solutions with one thing in mind, to streamline your network operations and advance your mission. Through applied data intelligence, our cloud creates a networking experience which takes care of you, not the other way around.


Scaling up and out from a single device to millions, across a range of public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises platforms, we tailor our solutions to our customers connectivity and commercial needs.


Architected to power and visualize meaningful data, helping to connect our tens of thousands of customers with tens of millions of their insights to advance IT and business operations and customer experience

ExtremeCloud™ IQ - A new breed of cloud management

Streamline wired and wireless network operations and unlock new IT and business insights powered by machine learning

Why Organizations are Deploying Extreme’s Cloud-Driven Networking Solutions


From provisioning to support, ExtremeCloud™IQ powered by cloud networking data intelligence makes all of your network operations effortless


Continuous innovation and delivery ensures that your network is equipped with the latest technology and solution enhancements


With API-accessible data insights and actions, integrate your network with business, partner, and technology provider ecosystems


Unlimited growth scaling from a single device to millions supported by multiple-tier, multi-tenant network management


Protected from the client to the cloud, our platform ensures the highest levels of regulation, compliance, and data privacy


Flexible public and private cloud offerings reduce capital and operational expenditure

Cloud Managed Networking for Dummies

Cloud Managed Networking for Dummies eBook you’ll discover the benefits of cloud managed networking, decipher market terms and deployment model definitions, and identify key considerations to simplify, grow, and secure your network while leveraging ML and AI to gain greater IT and business insights.

Tens of Millions of Actionable IT and Business Insights


Machine learning derived data insights help IT easily identify and monitor network operational state at a glance and take assisted corrective action


Get the complete performance, health, and security picture of every user and device in,  around, and part of your network


Anonymously baseline and compare your network performance and characteristics against similar-sized deployments or industry for objective network assessments.


Utilize network data for enhanced customer service and engagement through mobile device analytics available in our applications or through APIs

Unprecedented Feature Velocity

Extreme Networks’ Cloud platform provides customers with rapid feature and bug fix availability, operating in a continuous delivery mode and ensuring that your products are updated with the latest capabilities.

While continuous Cloud updates ensure Extreme Networks customers receive the best management experience on their network, administrators still remain in control of device updates, ensuring minimal downtime and disruption. Hardware OS updates can be scheduled for all or part of the network devices, at a time convenient for the organization.

Legacy Networking

Cloud-Driven Networking

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