Navigating Public Sector Success with Extreme Networks and TD SYNNEX Public Sector


From small local governments to massive federal departments, customers across the public sector are quickly realizing the importance of keeping up with the pace of technology. To deliver modern public services and stay current while maintaining low costs and efficient operations, they require solutions that ensure robust cybersecurity, efficient application management, resilient infrastructure, insightful data analytics, and seamless cloud integration.

For channel partners that work with these customers from pre-sale to post-sale implementation, it’s critical that they are armed with the tools they need to ensure successful solutions delivery, deployment, and post-deployment satisfaction. To better enable our channel partners serving customers across the public sector, Extreme is leveraging TD SYNNEX’s Public Sector Marketing Program at the Diamond level.

This new partnership will provide Extreme’s channel partners with the tools they need to drive revenue and satisfaction among their public sector end-users and open new opportunities in this specialized market. TD SYNNEX Public Sector has focused on serving the public sector for more than 32 years, giving Extreme channel partners access to an extensive contract portfolio and technical enablement support services, as well as empowering them to reduce risk and drive successful business outcomes.

Through this partnership, Extreme’s channel partners will have access to benefits including:

  • Market Expertise: TD SYNNEX Public Sector is the premier government solutions aggregator that specializes in understanding the IT needs and solving the challenges of the federal, state, local, education and healthcare markets. TD SYNNEX Public Sector helps simplify the process and removes barriers for independent infrastructure and software technology vendors, federal systems integrators and value-added resellers doing business in the public sector. TD SYNNEX Public Sector ensures that partners are well-versed in the nuances of public sector procurement, positioning them for success.
  • Integrated Channel Programs: Partners can leverage TD SYNNEX Public Sector’s integrated channel programs to execute targeted end-user campaigns. This strategic approach enables partners to effectively reach their audience, showcasing Extreme Networks' solutions tailored to the specific needs of public sector end-users.
  • Specialized Services for Public Sector Success: TD SYNNEX offers purpose-built services designed to enhance partner capabilities in the public sector space. From technical enablement to contract management, partners can tap into specialized resources that drive customer satisfaction and success.
  • Reduced Risk and Increased Revenue: The collaboration between Extreme Networks and TD SYNNEX Public Sector creates a winning formula for partners looking to mitigate risk and increase revenue. By aligning with two industry leaders, partners can confidently offer solutions that meet the demanding requirements of end-users within the public sector.

As public sector customers look to tap into more self-serve online services for residents, manage distributed employee populations and manage increasing numbers of users, applications and devices, the network has become more strategic and mission-critical than ever. For channel partners, TD SYNNEX Public Sector offers resources, expertise, and tools that they can use to tap into new markets and drive customer success.

For more information about Extreme’s partnership with TD SYNNEX Public Sector and how to access the resources listed above, please contact Michael Turner at 

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