Inflection Points Podcast Season 3 Episode 6: Wi-Fi 7 is Coming


We're excited to present the sixth episode of season three of the Inflection Points podcast, sponsored by the Office of the CTO at Extreme Networks!

Join our podcast hosts Allie Irvin, who serves as the Global Lead for Customer Success, and Brendan Bonner, the Innovation Lead at the Office of the CTO. Guided by Allie and Brendan, this season is infused with fresh perspectives as they delve into revolutionary technology topics such as AR/VR, the Intelligent Enterprise Edge, AI/ML, the rise of 6G and Wi-Fi 7, and the intriguing possibilities of Digital Twins. If you haven’t caught up on the first five episodes, now’s the perfect time to dive in before wrapping up the season with our finale!

The sixth and final episode of this season, dubbed "Wi-Fi 7 is Coming: Here’s What You Need to Know," features an engaging conversation with David Coleman, a distinguished author in the field of Wi-Fi and the honoree of the 2020 Wi-Fi Lifetime Achievement Award.

With his extensive knowledge, David provides valuable commentary on the future of Wi-Fi 7, while also shedding light on the significant implications of the 6 GHz frequency band for enterprise-level wireless networking.

inflection points podcast Allie Irvin, David Coleman, Brendan Bonner

Host - Allie Irvin, Guest – David Coleman, Host - Brendan Bonner

Paraphrasing David on the topic of Wi-Fi 7: "This next generation of Wi-Fi comes with some new bells and whistles. In the enterprise, using multi-link operation (MLO) for directing traffic among various frequency bands to improve latency, along with the utilization of an aggregate MLO variant for mesh networks, both show significant potential. Nonetheless, I contend that the most valuable asset for Wi-Fi 7 is going to be our expanded use of the 6 GHz spectrum for new innovation and mission-critical applications.”

We invite you to join us for a captivating experience in the third season of the Inflection Points podcast! Every episode showcases respected experts from diverse disciplines, offering multi-faceted viewpoints and deep wisdom. Additionally, Inflection Points has branched out into a videocast format to engage a wider audience. Whether you're listening on your daily drive or immersing yourself in the videocast from the comfort of your home, we've got you covered. To view the complete videocast of episode six, click here:

Season three of the Inflection Points podcast has been a captivating journey through the world of cutting-edge technologies, with fresh hosts, engaging conversations, and insightful guest experts. Make the most of this compelling podcast series - a must-listen, must-watch spectacle that promises to enlighten you, fuel your inspiration, and generate excitement about what lies ahead in the technology landscape. Stay connected for more updates and make it a ritual to accompany us on a journey through the newest tech breakthroughs.


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