Inflection Points Podcast Season 3, Episode 2 – What’s the Future of the Intelligent Enterprise Edge?


We're excited to present the second episode of season three of the Inflection Points podcast, sponsored by the Office of the CTO at Extreme Networks!

Join our podcast hosts Allie Irvin (Global Lead for Customer Success) and Brendan Bonner (Product Director for the Office of the CTO). Guided by Allie and Brendan, this refreshed season is set to investigate pioneering subjects shaping the future of technology, including AR/VR, the Intelligent Enterprise Edge, AI/ML, 6G cellular, Wi-Fi 7, and Digital Twins.

In this season’s second episode, titled “What’s the Future of the Intelligent Enterprise Edge,” special guest Justin Hurst, Head of the Office of the CTO of Extreme Networks for the Asia-Pacific region, joins our hosts. Together, they embark on a deep dive into the future of the Intelligent Enterprise Edge, exploring how intelligent infrastructure and AI systems hold the potential to revolutionize urban living by scaling up to develop smart cities. 

Paraphrasing Justin on the topic of Intelligent Enterprise Edge: “In the past, we’ve seen a pendulum-like shift between centralization and decentralization. However, the current trend seems to be taking a different direction. Instead of witnessing a significant move away from centralized computing, like the cloud, towards the edge, we’re observing a more hybrid approach. The driving force behind edge computing lies in its use cases. The services provided are not necessarily standalone in nature but are designed to augment capabilities or bring edge-specific features that aren’t feasible with central compute, while still relying on it significantly.”

So please join us for an electrifying journey in season three of the Inflection Points podcast! Each episode will feature esteemed guests from a variety of fields, providing well-rounded perspectives and profound insights. Inflection Points is also adopting a videocast format to reach a broader audience. Now, you can savor the podcast on your daily commute or delve into the videocast from your cozy abode. To watch the full videocast of episode one, click here:


Season three of the Inflection Points podcast promises to be a captivating journey through the world of cutting-edge technologies, with fresh hosts, engaging conversations, and insightful guest experts. Take advantage of this must-listen and must-watch podcast series that will keep you informed, inspired, and excited about the future of technology. Stay tuned for more updates, and join us each month as we explore the innovations

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