How The City of Seguin is Pioneering Adaptation and Growth in the Digital Era Part 2


Located in Southern Texas, the City of Seguin prides itself on its innovative spirit, consistently finding ways to integrate technology to improve the citizen experience while preserving the city’s traditional charm. In a previous blog, we explored the city’s technology vision and how they built a modern network.

In this blog, we are diving into the community’s remarkable achievements since implanting this future-proof network. Their modern, simple-to-manage network has enabled them to pursue various digital initiatives that have improved citizen experience, enhanced community operations and transformed the way that city staff does their job. 

The Benefits of a Modern Network

The network is the foundation of all of your digital transformation projects. With a strong network, the City of Seguin initiated impactful initiatives that positively affected their community. Having a reliable and secure network gave them the confidence to take on new projects, ensuring better outcomes for their residents.

Learn how the City of Seguin benefited from starting their digital transformation efforts with a modern network.

“I know our network is not the problem if there are any roadblocks there.” – Shane McDaniel, CIO at the City of Seguin

Refreshing the City’s Video Management System

One of the first projects that the City of Seguin’s IT team was able to tackle after modernizing their network was refreshing the city’s video management system. The legacy video management system the city used was outdated and difficult to use. They desperately needed a new tool to make it easier for the team to access videos, replace older cameras and keep video secure.

The improved video management system enhances community safety by providing valuable crime-solving footage to police departments and sharing live video with 911 dispatch centers, enabling better handling of emergencies and overall safety measures. The city's robust network laid the foundation for the seamless integration of this advanced video management solution, contributing to further enhanced community safety and security.

Watch this clip to learn more about how the City of Seguin’s IT team was able to modernize their legacy video management system.

Implementing Fire Station Alerting

Another major initiative that the City of Seguin took on was implementing a new fire station alerting system. The solution was integrated with their reliable, modern network to reduce call-out times for first responders, potentially saving lives in critical situations. Beyond its life-saving impact, the tiered alerting system has alleviated stress for firefighters, enhancing their quality of life and retention within the department.

Learn more about the fire station alerting system that the City of Seguin installed with this video.

Improving Connectivity

Another major initiative in the City of Seguin is providing stronger connectivity throughout the community. Whether there is a festival or a farmer’s market happening in downtown Seguin, the team is always looking to provide connectivity to keep city events running efficiently.

Watch this clip to learn more about how the City of Seguin is working to keep citizens connected throughout their community and planning for future improvements.

The Network is the Foundation of Cybersecurity

Not only has the network been crucial in supporting digital transformation projects throughout the City of Seguin, but it has also been crucial in helping to improve its cybersecurity efforts. With cybersecurity, it is often not a matter of if there will be a security threat but a matter of when there will be a security threat. That being said, the most you can do is be prepared, and with a modern network and a capable team in Seguin, TX, the community feels well-prepared to tackle security threats effectively and confidently.

Hear how the City of Seguin tackles its cybersecurity concerns and manages risk to its community.

The City of Seguin's remarkable achievements in implementing improved systems and providing connectivity through their community shows their unwavering dedication to technological advancement, which began with the establishment of a modern network infrastructure. By embracing such initiatives, the city plays a pivotal role in fostering a safer and more efficient community. 

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