Extreme Ignite Partner Program Continues to Add Outcomes-Focused Offerings and Growth Opportunities


In July, we introduced the Extreme Ignite Partner Program, along with our first phase of evolved offerings focused on helping our partners find new ways to drive better outcomes with our mutual customers through four focal points: 

  • Demonstrating Value
  • Showcasing Differentiation
  • Simplifying Sales Motions
  • Accelerating Growth and Expanding Sales

The new offerings included simplified rebates, training enhancements focused on outcomes-based selling and design, new program requirements, as well as a points-based incentive program called Ignite Rewards. Check out the first blog post introducing the Extreme Ignite Partner Program if you haven't already.

We’re excited to share even more additions to our partner program offerings that align with the four focal points listed above. Here are the top 6 program offerings we’ve added in FY24 so far to provide Extreme Partners with the tools and insights to extend their reach within the market:

1. Extreme Partner Demand Center (PDC)

Extreme’s newly enhanced channel marketing hub, Partner Demand Center, enables partners to go to market faster, create more demand, increase their brand awareness, and ultimately help them grow their net-new business through:

  • A more intuitive user interface and experience (UI/UX)
  • Instantaneous campaign translations in over 130 languages
  • The ability to easily co-brand and customize popular Extreme Did Your Know videos with your logo, company name and even a short intro/outro that can be recorded
  • Professionally written, pre-built campaigns that you can execute in-app or download in minutes, reducing time-to-market
  • 24/5 live chat and phone support

2. Business Development Representative (BDR) Program

We have extended our Business Development Representative (BDR) program to our partner community, providing them with the resources they need to execute outbound marketing tactics more quickly to grow qualified, top-of-funnel pipeline for their business.

This program is currently available to select partners and will continue to expand through a phased approach.

3. Extreme Professional Skills Analysis Tool and Accelerated Certification

We have also enhanced our Technical Training and Certification program to help our partners achieve greater levels of competency and support their growing business globally.

  • The Extreme Professional Certification Skills Analysis Tool enables experienced engineers to evaluate their technical knowledge level and determine if they are ready to take the Extreme Certified Professional certification exam. It covers all the technical competency areas of Installation and Configuration, Management, Advanced Configuration, and Troubleshooting. Upon completion, engineers will receive a tailored recommendation for their steps toward becoming Extreme Certified Professionals in the technology tracks chosen. The Extreme Skills Analysis Tool is free of charge and will be available in the ExtremeDojo starting mid-November.
  • The Extreme Professional Accelerated Certification is for experienced engineers who want to achieve their Professional Certification quickly, through a 2-day virtual instructor-led class covering Advanced Configuration, Management, and Troubleshooting in a condensed and intensive format. To participate, engineers should first complete the Skills Analysis. Course dates will be released in the ExtremeDojo after the Ignite 2023 EMEA conference.

4. More Partner Specializations

Extreme’s Partner Specializations help partners differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace and unlock benefits that help them drive demand and build pipeline. In addition to the vertical, services, and DEI specialization badges, Extreme has added a Sustainability Specialization that allows partners to showcase their commitment to green business practices.

5. Ignite Rewards Partner Community Forums

The new partner program includes the Ignite Rewards Program, a persona-based approach that enables individuals from enrolled partner organizations to self-identify their persona and earn rewards based on relevant activities completed in the program. They can now also participate in peer-to-peer community forums where they can ask questions and share knowledge.

6. Simpler Self-Service and Demo Capabilities

Extreme has introduced increased account management self-service capabilities and a new cloud activations dashboard to help partners more accurately track customer subscriptions and adoption.

Additionally, through Extreme’s unique One Network, One Cloud, One Extreme product strategy, partners will have a simple and impactful way to work with customers to solve complex business problems. Participants will have access to Business Opportunity Builder (BOB) Kits, which are “network in a box” demo kits that are easily portable and set up onsite. Each kit contains three switches, two SD-WAN appliances, two 5G hotspots and one access point. All hardware is tied together with Extreme’s fabric, enabling partners to instantly set up and demonstrate Extreme’s core solutions and illustrate specific use cases for potential customers. 

“Partners need more than a deck of product information and training on technical features. What they need are resources that enable them to understand what current and potential customers will respond to, highlight their specific strengths and skills, grow in new markets and win new business. The Extreme Ignite Partner Program is designed to do exactly what its name implies: We are igniting a fire within our partner community that will empower them to form a deeper relationship with customers, giving them the tools and training they need to help their customers make their network a strategic asset for their organization.” -- Joe Vitalone, Chief Revenue Officer, Extreme Networks

To learn more about the Extreme Ignite Partner Program or how to become an Extreme partner, visit our Partner Page

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