5G Orientation - a Video Summary

For every new experience, we have an orientation. Pre-school orientation. College orientation. New job orientation. Life orientations help us get comfortable in our britches, as my grandpa used to say. But with new technology, we often miss the necessary orientation. The Internet doles out endless terabytes of information, but it’s either 90 seconds of useless marketing buzz phrases or 6 hours of technical jargon.

As a result, we spend our time cobbling together information from different sources, struggling to make sense of sentences written in acronyms. As we continue our orientation quest, we read articles in one browser tab while seeking definitions in another. For enterprise networking pros, 5G is just the latest technology to require such investigative rigor.

At the virtual Extreme Connect | 2021 User Conference, I recently recorded a session that introduces 5G and lays out the basic building blocks of the technology. My goal was to provide a 5G orientation in less than 30 minutes. I covered all the necessities: market introduction, usage scenarios, architecture, radio details, spectrum, verticals, and maybe a little perspective on the false dichotomy known as 5G versus Wi-Fi (spoiler: use both!).

Save yourself some time by piggybacking on this session. For your viewing pleasure, grab a beverage or lunch and dive right in:


Are you done watching the 5G video orientation and want to dive deeper? Take a moment to read my “5G – Beyond the Hype” blog series on this topic:

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