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AP560 Series

Stadium Optimized Wi-Fi 6 Access Points for Very Highly Dense Outdoor Venues

Product Highlights


High-Density Environments

  • Delivers exceptional end-user experience even in dense user environments such as stadiums, large public venues, convention centers and school auditoriums
  • Industry's first 802.11ax access point with three software programmable modes to optimally manage Enterprise networks, including a mode for dual 5 GHz radios for the most dense environments

Connects More Users and Devices Simultaneously

  • Improve user experience and device performance with 4x4:4 5 GHz and 4x4:4 2.4 GHz, with OFDMA technology

Optimizes RF for the Optimal User Experience

  • Smart RF uses ML technology to monitor and automatically adjust Wi-Fi radios to achieve the best coverage and greatest client performance, even in dynamic RF environments

Redundant PoE

  • Mission critical networks for 24/7 operations

Cellular Coexistence Filter (CCF)

  • Minimizes the impact of interference from cellular networks

Smart Management Choices

  • ExtremeCloud IQ Controller or VX/NX controller is ideal for on-premises requirements
  • ExtremeCloud IQ Controller, VX or NX controller plus additional cloud management capabilities provided via ExtremeCloud IQ

Extreme Networks is adding a new family of purpose-built 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) Access Points (APs) for Stadiums to its Smart portfolio, that support more users and IoT devices with greater performance and efficiency.

Key Benefits Include:

Stadium Optimized – As the Official Wi-Fi Solutions Provider of the NFL, Extreme understands first-hand the unique challenges stadiums present. The AP560 Series builds on that experience, by delivering a custom-designed family of access points that cater specifically to this environment. The unique, modular patent-pending design of our 802.11ax APs supports a high-density of users and devices, while delivering an exceptional user experience.

Flexible Deployment Options – Extreme’s experience has taught us there is no one-size-fits-all solution for stadiums. From the field, to bowl seating, to gate entrances, to concierge areas, to parking lots, each area has its own requirements.

Modular Design – TheAP560 series delivers flexible deployment options—from under-seat-mounted, to pole-mounted, to APs with software selectable antennas—they ensure an exceptional mobile experience throughout the entire stadium.

Future-Proofed – Extreme AP560 APs increase device capacity and improve spectral efficiency, allowing stadiums to extract more out of the Wi-Fi spectrum and future-proof their network and investment.


Whereas prior generations of 802.11n, 802.11ac Wave 1, and Wave 2 can be considered generational improvements, each building on the prior standard, the new PHY technology of 802.11ax adds a significant level of new technology which takes Wi-Fi networks to an entirely new level.

To learn more about 802.11ax, go to

The industry's first 802.11ax access point, with three software programmable modes, optimally manages the dual 5GHz radios for the most dense environments. The AP560, powered by the WiNG7 operating system, allows for software configurable radios. Network managers can determine software network topology based on user environment, and configure the access points in different modes of operations:

  • Mode 1 – Traditional dual radio 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radio
  • Mode 2 – 2.4 GHz/5 GHz sensor Radio 1 and 5 GHz on Radio 2
  • Mode 3 – Dual 5 GHz radio

Network managers have a choice of cloud or premise-based solutions, both using the same UI and workflows. ExtremeCloud is a hosted cloud service, while ExtremeCloud Appliance is designed for premise-based solutions of campus and private cloud. Both support secure zero-touch provisioning that significantly reduces deployment time connectivity via a single pane of glass for unified management of Extreme wired and wireless components in your network.

See the ExtremeCloud and ExtremeCloud Appliance data sheets for details and ordering part numbers.

Leverage the integrated Bluetooth to connection to IoT devices with Thread or engage loyalty customers with Apple iBeacon. Enterprises can use Google Eddystone to send advertisements directly to fans or guests. This makes it ideal for venues/stadiums to advertise their app-download pages, captive portals, or site-specific information.

Network managers will appreciate a powerful choice of RFmanagement for their 802.11 networks, with SmartRF. WiNG’s SmartRF is a robust RF management system with AI/ML-like functionality. Built on 10 years of experience across thousands of large-scale networks and millions of access points, SmartRF’s algorithms manage channels, radios, load balancing, band steering, and many other attributes of the RF.

Extreme’s AP560 Series is powered by the WiNG7 operating system. WiNG’s legendary distributed architecture places the intelligence at the edge where it unleashes the true capabilities and performance of 802.11ax, without bottlenecks or limits. WiNG incorporates the functionality of a controller in each access point, enabling network solutions with controller-less solutions using a virtual controller that supports up to 64 access points or distributed solutions, comprised of branch sites with up to 256 access points per site. The solution can scale to 25,000 access points, and are managed with a simple cloud UI and workflow with ExtremeCloud or ExtremeCloud IQ Controller for campus and private cloud networks.

The AP560 Series delivers the highest level of security services, beginning with support for the latest Wi-Fi Alliance WPA3 security certifications. Additionally, the access point supports a stateful L2-L7 DPI firewall for context-based access security, tri-frequency security, and Private Pre-Shared Key (PPSK), location analytics sensor and much more.