Restriction of Hazardous Substances

For the applicable Extreme Networks equipment, the following tables detail the presence of 10 substances defined by the RoHS
(Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directive.

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China RoHS 5320-24T-4X-XT, 5320-24T-24S-4XE-XTDownload
China RoHS 5420 switch (all models)Download
China RoHS 5320 Switch – All ModelsDownload
China RoHS 5520 Switch – All Models Download
China RoHS 5520 VIM – All Models Download
China RoHS 5720 series Download
China RoHS 8720-32C Download
China RoHS 9140, SLX 9240, and SLX 9850Download
China RoHS SLX 9150-48XT-6CDownload
China RoHS SLSLX9740-40C-AC-F, SLX9740-80C-AC-FDownload
China RoHS SLX9150-48Y-8CDownload
China RoHS SLX9150-48Y-8C-AC-F and SLX9150-48Y-8C-AC-RDownload
China RoHS SLX9250-32CDownload
China RoHS SLX9250-32C-AC-F and SLX 9250-32C-AC-RDownload
China RoHS SLX9640 RouterDownload
China RoHS SLX9740-40C, SLX9740-80CDownload
China RoHS V400 switch (all models)Download
China RoHS VSP7400-32CQDownload
China RoHS X435-8P-2T-WDownload
China RoHS X435-8P-4S, X435-8T-4S, X435-24T-4SDownload
China RoHS X435-8P-4SDownload
China RoHS X435-8T-4SDownload
China RoHS X435-24P-4SDownload
China RoHS X435-24T-4SDownload
China RoHS X465, VSP4900 (all models)Download
China RoHS X695-48Y-8C, X695-48Y-8CDownload